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Mario Hezon-ya heard me right

Will they ever learn? Do they think its a joke? He has the nickname for a reason. This is "the legend killer" blog part 2.

Theres a fox guarding the hen house... and its hungry for blood.

To clarify: the fox is Mario Hezonja and all the hens in the hen house are the NBA Bubble teams. ...

And Of course the bubble being the turd in my pants cause these NBA playoffs are non-stop, baby! No bathroom breaks !

I've been big on the Trailblazers for a while, especially their backcourt. Like most - I've been a huge fan of Damian Lillard, his aggression, the logo bombs / Dame Time and freestyles. Also a lot of respect goes out to CJ McCollum. Which would be a great name for a blogger. MYCollumn.

Anyways - to be honest I hate Mario Hezonja. Aways have. Hated him as a Knick and was so happy when he left. So of course I didnt follow his career.. But when I saw he's on the Portland Antifas (shout out master Kav) - i wont lie, it brought back a wave of emotions.

Cause obviously for the Blazers- the worst team on paper to face is Lebron and the Lakers..

Paper? What beats paper? Scissor. And What city is super down for scissoring and Whose got the mangina to go along with it? Yeah the secret weapon.. The Portland Trailblazers and Mario Hezonja.

See on paper there is actually no bigger threat to the league than Mario Hezonja .The Born hen slayer.

(i went back a yr+ to find that article. and ill be damned how incredible this site is. No competition. The blogs, the photos, the blog titles. Its no wonder i dont read anything else / in general)

What a sneaky play by those rebellious riotting northwesterners to stash him.

Now Im not going to bang a croatian drum twice , but basically Mario Hezonja is the proven league legend killer. He's the NBA's Randy Orton. Kobe's helicopter, the AIDS to Magic. The commitment to Italians. The uber eats to fat guys.

So if I needed any more evidence or proof on being so high on Portland here it was. Theyve got Hezonja... And if I needed any more, heres some random dude on twitter:

He's not kidding.

Big things are happening in Portland. Some good, like Damian Lillard and the Trailblazer. Others bad - like CHAZ and that massive waste of time.

BUT i do have to give credit where its due. Big props to #skinnyMelo and all the lbs he lost rioting.

Combine the above with living in Portland and no wonder you can shed some weight.

First off: bread/gluten is ilegal there.

2nd: they ran out of food, hour 3 into the protests..

3rd: is CHAZ stilll happening?

and last: do you think the whole glutton/ gluttonous term is behind the bullshitting us with the "gluten free" crap. Easy word association?

Also - who else is pumped for skinny Melo to sign back with the Knicks after this magical transformation with the Trailblazer ? ..only to show up looking like this

And in probably the most important thing that is more important you didnt know :

Go Trail Blazers. Blaze the Trail with that gluttonous riotting of yours and Take down the establishment !!

Seriously. Trailblazers in 7. It'll be tough. But Lillard and Co pop the bubble.



( good luck ever taking me down Hezonja)

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