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Mario Hezonja... Legend Killer?

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Time to ask the questions. Straight from the shoulder.

New York Knick Forward/Guard/Superstar Mario Hezonja is ready to let his game speak for himself. After taking down some of the NBA's best and not stopping there, Hezonjas' play has the streets buzzing with two simple words: "Legend Killer".

Is Hezonja working himself into the conversation for one of the two NY Knicks max guys? still left to be decided.

Does New York respect Hezonja more than ever? no.

Is Mario not just a legend killer -- but THE legend killer? Definitely.

Watch and decide for yourself. "Facts dont care about your feelings" - Mario Hezonja

Giannis. Check.

Lebron. Check.

"I'm ready to talk to Dolan"

James Dolan. Check.

"Facts dont care about your feelings" - Mario Hezonja

And it's more than superstars he's taking down. He's knocking down game winners:

Hezonja even put up a triple double against the Rockers the other night. He played point guard and has gotten peoples attention with his multi dimensional toolset.. "The Croatian Spork" some are calling him... while The Legend Killer hasnt picked up any steam

Needless to say, Coach Fiz has taken notice and shifted Hezonja to point.

So Maybe it isnt crazy that the Spork, I mean Legend Killer, gets that max contract.

Over the last thee (3) games Hezonja has put up 25 ppg on 54% shooting. While averaging 10 rebounds, 7 assists and a steal a game.

"Facts dont care about your feelings" - Mario Hezonja

He was out tonight due to illness and the Knicks still beat the Bulls. Why? Because Marios ability to play point pissed off Dennis Smith Jr. Even when not playing Hezonja keeps fucking everything up.

So he's legend killing alright. He's legend killing Zion to the Knicks.

And you know who might have something to say about all this?

The only place next is upwards and taking out the original legend killer, Randy Orton.

Hezonja's already taken care of the easy ones in Lebron, and Giannis -- and what better way to solidify yourself as the legend killer than killing the original legend killer himself . Exactly. Nothing

"Facts dont care about your feelings" - Mario Hezonja

Side note - What would Marios finisher be? The Croatian Claw?

..side note to a real note, if Hezonja actually resigns with the Knicks over summer we should start him at point guard for all 82 games next year.

Hezonja? I dont even know ya!

i hate you

good energy


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