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7 Days

7 days .. 7 god damn days for my read on the future. Its simple in my mind.. It starts and ends with this lottery. If The Knicks get that "frozen envelope" (even though we have every god damn reason to be picking first) moment -- then my future.. our future.. THE future for the knicks mets and jets is serious.. its real. its seriously real.

Not to mention the coincidental timing of inception with the CSB Boys...

Correlation = Causation? One would have to think so.

And If we dont get that first overall pick?....Glad you asked. Very simple too.

I'm going to central park picking out a nice Oak and hanging myself.. Only to be saved and resuscitated moments before death so I can go hang myself from the statue of liberty.


For all you stricly business / comedy who know nothing about sporst -- let me give you the rundown.

In other leagues the draft is based on the worst record. Thats all. No extra curricular funny business.

But in the NBA, to prevent teams from tanking and playing players at the likes of Emmanuel Mudiay, Nazr Mohammed and their mascot for 42 minutes in all 82 games over the season -- theyve created a "draft lottery". This has been the case since 1985 where the worst 3 teams have picks 1-3 determined by odds/projections/money/bingo. Now because everyones a little more sensitive and wants to be addressed by the proper pronouns, the 14 teams that dont make the playoffs have a chance to be get the 1st overall pick of the NBA draft. Because we're all differently the same.... Everyones gotta get a participation trophy.

But I dont really know how it all works. Im not a numbers guy.

Im a go with the gut guy. And this gut feels the Knicks and that #1 pick destined to be together like a coffee and a cigarette. An ass to my face. A couch and a simmer. A plank and a pushup. A pigeon pose stretch and a healthy back.

Got it? Good

The odds:

#1 pick this year = Zion Williamson.. = franchise changing player. A psychical specimen thats capable of Space Jam things.

(and keep in mind, the Knicks have the highest percentage because they had the worst record, cause they stink and cause they deserve Zion)

So durijng this countdown. My #RoadtoZion countdown. I will have 7 blogs for 7 things im thankful for as a Knicks fan.

#7 starts with how happy I am #7 is no longer on our team. The Knicks have ridded themselves with players of the likes of Carmelo Anthony, "That's" Amare Stoudemeire, Stephon Mar- Bury "The Hatchet", and as of recent, Kristaps Porzingus.

Sure they gave us glimpses of hope... of what it could be. But they only delivered one thing. And that was one massive ego dump on our hearts. Although these players were absolutely talented, they never won. They just werent winners. And if you try giving me this justifiTAKEcion of Melo bringing us one (1) (uno) playoff series win, I'll spit in your face.

AND I know what youre thinking: "KP is only 21". KP this and KP that. Well shut up. KP never lasted a full season healthy. And KP for all his great, was too busy playing Latvian Darts with his older brother Janis to truly be a Knick at heart.

"But I'm Lizard Man" - Kristaps

In his 3 year career hes been injured plagued , hasnt led us to the playoffs... let alone a winning record and had our organization blind sided by Janis.

Janis!??.. Yeah that Janis The Janis that threatened to take KPs rehab to Latvia or whatever strange sounding, fish eating country they come from. THat Janis that told KP to not be comfortable with another max salary free agent signing. That Janis whose feelings were hurt that their friend Willy Hernangomez, who stinks, was cut from the team. Yeah that Janis is and was nothing more than cancer to Kristaps.. And instead of using Western medicine and trusting his own path to fight the cancer, it was as if Kristaps trusted some holistic Latvian Witch doctor to spank him with Herring.. or some other Baltic Sea fish.

Most importantly -- KP assaulted a women the night he tore his ACL... But Where were you then, Janis?

And while you know here at CSB we strive for both sides of every story -- when reaching out to Janis for comment.... we never heard back. Suspicious


In conclusion:

The 7th thing im thankful for as a Knicks fan is Janis Porzingus. He showed us the true colors of another once exciting prospect. Like Melo, stoudemeyer, marbury, Jordan Hill, Channing frye and eddy curry -- add Kristaps POrzingus to the list of players that will let us appreciate Zion Williamson that much more.



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