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ll hello friends Long time no see? I dont know if youve heard --- but Ive signed on full time with CSB. With a primary focus on the business and comedy and sports part. This above is no joke how ive felt for the last week. Tonights the night. Countdown of an hour begins. So for the good energy, the one thing im most grateful of as a New York Knicks fan --- you should already know My true fans know Theyve been guessing and trying to get it out of me all week ! #1 Walt "Clyde"


So you better look alive And Dont take the safe side Then I'll thank the heavens For pop pops money to go against the tiiiide ..and Ill glide #5 on my installment on appreciations as a Knicks fan over here at CSB Comedy Sports Business goes to you, Mr. James Dolan. For a man with everything given to him, it makes sense for Dolan to sing far too much about the child inside... Not to mention his song writing / songs in general are at the level of an 8th grade student. And for a


6 days thats 4 business days So I Woke to some very unsettling, unnecessarily-painfully-alarming tweet this morning: ?! I didnt know this was the new format for the lottery. Since when? Like ive said, im not a numbers guy.. i dont read the news or listen to music. Im a people person that goes with his gut guy And let me tell you what im feeling now: were drafting 4th. or 3rd or 2nd. Just definitely not first From the Forbes article: "Unfortunately for New York, despite the

7 Days

7 days .. 7 god damn days for my read on the future. Its simple in my mind.. It starts and ends with this lottery. If The Knicks get that "frozen envelope" (even though we have every god damn reason to be picking first) moment -- then my future.. our future.. THE future for the knicks mets and jets is serious.. its real. its seriously real. Not to mention the coincidental timing of inception with the CSB Boys... Correlation = Causation? One would have to think so. And If we

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