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So you better look alive

And Dont take the safe side

Then I'll thank the heavens

For pop pops money to go against the tiiiide

..and Ill glide

#5 on my installment on appreciations as a Knicks fan over here at CSB Comedy Sports Business goes to you, Mr. James Dolan.

For a man with everything given to him, it makes sense for Dolan to sing far too much about the child inside... Not to mention his song writing / songs in general are at the level of an 8th grade student.

And for a silver spooned billionaire ... he can relate to not being able to sit back, glide and enjoy the ride of life.

I talked about Knicks owner and MSG CEO James Dolan , his history and his band: JD and the straight shot before so I wont go into detail. Whats in the past is in the past. No grudges

My appreciation for Dolan is simple -- no one suffers at the hand of Dolan like us Knick fans. And in a weird, taboo way, I actually appreciate the cruel torture...Because no matter what they say, no other fanbase will ever truly understand what it's like..there will never be an owner that comes close to this asshole. Not even you, Ted.

From the article:

"Over the last three fiscal years, MSG paid Dolan $75.6 million. That’s a heap more than CEOs at similar companies, who made an average of $17 million for the same time period, the lawsuit claims..."

$76 over three years. Just three years? Whyd they stop after just three? Even if he started touring for 3 years -- what has he done, ever? Id like to know how much hes racked up in his 20+ yrs

"Dolan’s pay is “excessive” and “far from fair” — especially since he “works at MSG only part time,” says the suit, filed in Delaware Chancery Court late last month"

$76 mil to tour with his shitty band while the Knicks are gonna lose out on Zion Williamson.

$76 mil to create this shit:

Or this:

I dont understand his angle.. and I dont think I ever will. These songs are absolutely brutal. Its dog shit bad. The lyrical version of the butt fumble or the Concert version of Joakim Noahs $70 mil contract.

Its like stubbing your toe right as you realize the Jets and Giants share Metlife stadium

No one besides us knows what its like. And they never will.

How about JD and the Straight Shots take a straight buckshot to the head

Or take that lawsuit against Dolan and donate the $76 mil / all the blood hes accumlated ove the last 3 years to the NBA to guarantee us the 1st overall pick.

Truth always prevails


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