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ll hello friends

Long time no see?

I dont know if youve heard --- but Ive signed on full time with CSB. With a primary focus on the business and comedy and sports part.

This above is no joke how ive felt for the last week.

Tonights the night. Countdown of an hour begins.

So for the good energy, the one thing im most grateful of as a New York Knicks fan ---

you should already know

My true fans know

Theyve been guessing and trying to get it out of me all week !

Walt "Clyde" Frazier

Does he prefer Walt or Clyde?

Was it Walt in the playing days, or is it Walt now?

Or is it and was it Clyde?

I dont know. I never know.. nor do . I care.

Hes the only person I have no problem addressing by his full name.

Walt Clyde Frazier

The only human when I heard Walt, Clyde, and/or Frazier I know who youre talking about.

This guy put up 36 points and 19 assists in a Championship clinching game 7 performance. Out of the 46 field goals the knicks made that night -- Clyde had something to with 31 of them.

He was a lock down defender and a consistent offensive facilitator.

And to think its because of his performance in the NIT in college which was at MSG - we drafted him.

Who wouldve known what a legend he was gonna turn into.

Probably Clyde

But my truest memories of Clyde come from dinners growing up.

Clyde has been the color commentator (..side note - weird name for the title, eh? Kinda racist sounding.. just call it legendary broadcaster..) hes been the commentator for MSG's broadcasts of the Knicks since the 90s. If you dare mention hes been apart of the bad luck since coming into this role than i will not politely ask you to leave . CLyde can still beat you 1 on 1. 1 on 3. you name it.

Clyde has made every game enjoyable to watch. And that says a lot. Think about how horrible the Knicks have been. If it wasnt for Clyde keeping it cool I wouldve killed myself. Clydes been on the call for 20 years now.. And he still brings the heat with the new sayings and terms.

Whether losing or winning he keeps it so consistent with his calls. Hes never biased towards the Knicks and has no problems calling them out for their laziness/what were all thinking. Most importantly he has such a great insight towards the team style game of basketball - its like listening to a prophet. Its honestly my favorite thing in life to say I've listened to him more than anyone ever

Anyways my grandfather always talked about the legendary Clyde Frazier.. How cool of a cat this guy was. So as a small boy not cherishing how cool my grandfather was, I instead focused on Clydes commentating / sayings. Which was the greatest eternal gift from my nonno.

Clydes expressions and sayings. Things like:

"Swooping n' Hooping" , "Dishing n' Swishing" , "Shaking and Baking" , "astounding rebounding", "wheeling and dealing", "Hustling and muscling", howling and fouling, (im etting rid of the quotations)

large and in charge, slamming and jamming, stopping and popping, moving and grooving, dramatic and emphatic, showing incredible clairity and dexterity with his left hand, frustrated and devastated, rising and surprising, styling and profiling, slicing and dicing ... and so so many more. will keep him the coolest human being of all time, both off and on the court.

He was cool before there were two sides to a pillow. He created cats pajamas.

Hes so cool i dont wnt to attempt any jokes or anything because nothing will ever compare to Walt Clyde Frazier.

Heres a great reddit thread documenting all of them.

Great story about how Ben Stiller asked Clyde about his restaurant, Clyde's.

Clydes response?

Nutritious and delicious

I implore you to read, memorize and repeat before bed every night

You might even turn into Clyde

The king of great energy

The coolest man in the world

The Knicks need Zion not for you, not for me....

But for Walt Clyde Frazier.

God damnit this man needs to be on the call as the Knicks win their next championship



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