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6 days

thats 4 business days

So I Woke to some very unsettling, unnecessarily-painfully-alarming tweet this morning:


I didnt know this was the new format for the lottery. Since when?

Like ive said, im not a numbers guy.. i dont read the news or listen to music.

Im a people person that goes with his gut guy

And let me tell you what im feeling now:

were drafting 4th. or 3rd or 2nd. Just definitely not first

From the Forbes article:

"Unfortunately for New York, despite the fact that they finished with the NBA’s worst record this past season, the odds are not skewed efficaciously in their favor. 2019 is the first year the NBA implemented a revised lottery format (intended to discourage “tanking”). In each of the past 13 years, from 2005 through 2018, the team that finished with the worst record had a 25% chance to win the lottery, a 64.2% chance of landing in one of the top three spots, and couldn’t fall lower than fourth overall.

In September of 2017, the NBA Board of Governors announced it had approved changes to the Draft Lottery system, that would go in effect after the 2018 draft, that reduces the odds so that the teams with the three worst records will share the same chance of receiving the No. 1 overall pick....

Here are the odds the Knicks would have had of landing in each of the top five slots had they finished with the worst record last year:

No. 1 overall pick: 25.0%

No. 2: 21.5%

No. 3: 17.8%

No. 4: 35.7%

No. 5: 0.0%

Here are the odds of the Knicks landing in each of the top five slots this year:

No. 1 overall pick: 14.0%

No. 2: 13.4%

No. 3: 12.7%

No. 4: 12.0%

No. 5: 47.9%

Thus, it’s important that New York fans realize that there is a far better chance (59.9%) that the Knicks draft fourth or fifth overall, than land in the top three (40.1%).

Thanks for the night sweats nerds that create this stupid lottery formula. You arent making society a better place

But were gonna keep pushing. Keep defying.

and as I run down my somber list of things im grateful for, let me remind you to call and thank your mothers. Just let them know you love them.

Its a piggy back from yesterday - the great utility men the New York Knicks have created for this league.

Sure for us they were starters. Top 3 talent.

But once they broke into the league they turned out to be quality depth /role players.

Guys like David Lee, Jamal Crawford (these two guys are the only ones ill forever respect and rep) ... then we had Wilson Chandler, Steve Novak, Marcus Camby, Danillo Gallonari, Nate Robinson, Iman Shumpert, Trevor Ariza, Quinton Richardson, Jeremy Lin, Timofyfifodum Mozgov, and Channing Frye who are just our guys. Theyre all we got (maybe not shumpert he can go fuck himself) and they eventually went on to find a functional team or two, and find a home... or two. Look at Stephon Marbury and China. What a story!

And that list can go on and on. So trust me when I say there was a time where they were OUR guys. Just think about that for a second. Since Ewing this has been the majority or our home grown action. Thank god weve had Clyde Frazier to listen to on the call.

Now lets get into our role players. The role dogs. Because these guys are a major part of whats made this 20 year abysmal skidmark remarkable. Because A role dogs' role was to stick with the Knicks for as long as humanly possible. To leach onto MSG and not let go. To go out there with their pants down and ask new york fans to kiss their ass.

Then they eventually move to another team to get taken out back and put down.

And so is the life cycle of New York Knicks management developing their talent

Weve had the greats:

Renaldo Baulkman, Malik Rose, Tim AND Kurt Thomas (i'll never forget tim thomas game winning 3 point like january.. NY Post Headlines: "The Knick of TIMe". What great memories), Mike Sweetney, Toney Douglas, Charlie Ward, Nazr Mohammed, Pablo Prigioni, Eddy Curry, My personal favorite MVP (i hated him so much) Jared "Inventor of the Samll Ball" Jeffries: The Original Hybrid Big Man... , Mardy Collins, Jerome James, Chris Copeland, Cole Aldrich, Alexey Shved, Chris "Christ" Dudley, and our current 'Bone Dog Role Dog' Lance Thomas.

I can continue this list... You dont believe me?

Cleanthony Early, Frank Williams, Lance Thomas, Willy Hernangomez, Mindagus Kuzminkus, Lance Thomas, Jackie Butler, Ron Baker, Lavor Paostell, Lance Thomas

But dont get me wrong.

Im grateful for these guys -- for our role dogs. They remind me of the pain and the truth of the matter that these guys always come and go... See theres always going to be a Lance Thomas on your team.

But when we have that 1st overall pick and get Zion -- all of a sudden my memories of Lance Thomas will be him throwing alleyoops to Zion.. Itll be Lance and a solid 5 minutes of defending, contributing to the win that Zion brought us. Not 5 minutes of Lance telegraphing an air ball or dribbling out of bounds.

With Zion I'll be able to think back to Mardy Collins or Mike Sweetney and laugh. Maybe even chuckle. Willy Hernangomez -- will be a chant for when the Mets win it all: Willy HernangoMets!

And Guys like Lance Thomas will all of a sudden become appreciated for how irrelevant he is. "Good locker room guy"... "Malik Rose 2.0? We'd only be so lucky"

But Ill forever hate Jared Jeffries... And pray Luke Kornett isnt on the team.



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