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Who really is Greta Thunberg?

According to wiki-shpeedia - Greta Lumbergh I mean Thumbergh I mean Thunberg is a 16-year-old Swedish fish I mean environmental activist who gained international notoriety in September 2019 when she addressed the UN Climate Action Summit in New York, a speech that ultimately went viral.

Apparently Thunberg has been doing this climate change activism thing for a while, not just last month, and has been organizing protests outside of Swedish parliament calling for stronger action on global warming since August 2018.

In May 2019, Greta was on the cover of Time magazine and her school strike movement, which consists of students skipping school on Fridays to combat climate change and is labeled "Fridays for Future" was featured in the 30-minute VICE documentary "Make The World Greta Again".

The kids may be losing things like "Columbus Day" or "Christmas" as free days off but they are taking them back tenfold in the form of protests and organized walkouts.

(Actual footage of students walking out of class in protest on Columbus Day, 2018).

Alright, so Greta Thunberg is a pretty influential girl. I'm honestly surprised to read that she is 16 years old. When I first saw the video of her speech at the UN meeting I thought she was like 11. I feel like at 16 she's not exactly a kid taking a stand anymore. She's basically just another middle-aged woman asking to speak to a manager. But that's neither here nor there.

The real question is, who is Greta Thunberg and why is she here? I took to the internet to find out and here's what I came up with.

She's a cartoon.

At first it might sound nuts but when I found out she was drawing comparisons to Lisa Simpson, a character from the brain of well-documented time traveler Matt Groening, I had to start taking the theory seriously. I mean check out this shit:

So Greta Thunberg is Lisa Simpson incarnated.

Or is she?

The Lisa Simpson evidence is powerful but it got me thinking even more. Isn't The Simpsons a little obvious? Everyone knows the writers on the Simpsons traveled in time and created a show based on future events without us knowing and still have that show running like 30 seasons later. It's old hat to play off The Simpsons. As the old saying goes with any attempted original thought in the 21st century, "Simpsons Did It."

So I kept thinking about it. Who is Greta Thunberg? And then it hit me.

Greta Thunberg... Greta Thunberg... Greta Thornberg... Greta Thornberry... Eliza Thornberry.

You tellin me that this

and this

are all that different?

Not convinced? How about this!

I rest my case. Greta Thunberg = Eliza Thornberry. Now can you please just reveal yourself and use your powers to tell dogs how much I love them? Thanks in advance, Eliza.

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