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Twitter Days

You ever have one of those days on twitter? Where people interact with everything you say? Celebrities liking the stuff you put out there, retweeting, or even commenting back to you?


Sucks to be you!

Last night as I was watching the Bucs Panthers game, I noticed a behemoth of a man on the Buccaneers defensive line on a two-yard run to the right side by Christian McCaffrey. I somewhat innocuously tweeted out:

He is a monster. And with all due respect, he had a hilarious swagger to him on the line. I googled Buccanneers #91 and found out his name was Beau Allen. I felt an obligation to share this discovery with the world so I followed up my original tweet with some images of Beau to prove his incredible size:

I'll be honest the third photo was my biggest motivation behind posting these photos at all. Look at this one:

That's the ass Phil Jackson has been looking for his entire life. Offensive linemen have nightmares about that ass.

I then realized that that ass should be scoring touchdowns at the goal line, not just preventing them, a la The Fridge.

Consider this ground zero for the #GetBeauInTheEndzone movement. #GiveBeauTheBall

Now all this to say clearly I respect Beau. He's the embodiment of the kind of lineman I can believe in. But Beau must have been bored up late on postgame adrenaline because somehow he stumbled upon my shoutout and replied to my original tweet with a simple question:

Sup bro. Sorry my feeble self wasn't awake to give you a sup back. Hope my salute for your service this morning was received.

I thought it was basically over after that, but the Sup started to gain steam. The quality over quantity type of steam. Some of the few and the proud individuals who threw a like to the Sup tweet include:

Jimmy Hotdogs. Self explanatory.

The REAL Josh Ved. Impressive resume.

Damn you Josh Ved.

Louis Nzegwu. Verified badass. Assuming he and Beau were teammates at Wisconsin.

Beau Allen. Wait what? I see you Beau pumping those like numbers. I get it. Your secret's safe with me.

The Pewter Report. Pretty recognizable publication. You want the best insight & analysis & someone who will like a Beau Allen Sup tweet? You found it.

Miles Teller. Sup. Loved you in Project X.

And Nancy Martinson. Hello Nancy.

It's a pretty exclusive club. Hard to get in. Harder to get out. Not that hard to get in though all you have to do is go throw Beau a like on his Sup. I know you like it, so just like it. And if you don't like it then this meme that took me 30 mins to find/edit so I'm definitely posting it is for you.

Fun day on the Twitter machine though so thanks for the Sup Beau. Sup back.


Word was getting around that Beau and I were breaking the internet, so naturally more celebrities wanted to get involved.

New York's own, comedian Mark Normand tweeted a joked about Eddie Money passing away today. RIP Eddie Money. I didn't hear about it anywhere else except for Mark's tweet, so joking or not Mark is doubling as a reporter breaking news faster than anyone else I follow. Anyway he tweeted:

And I replied with another joke about Eddie Money being lost:

I only got one like on it. But like I said earlier, it's about quality over quantity. The only like I was really looking for.

So Jimmy, Josh, Louis, Beau, Pewter, Miles, Nancy, please join me in welcoming Mark to the Sup club. Sup Mark.

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