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Toy Story 4

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Is the best movie of all time.

Seriously to all CSB fans out there, go see it. I thought for a minute that it might suck. Why risk the reputation of the entire Toy Story franchise to make a quick buck? Obviously Toy Story 4 was going to be a big hit in the box office because 90s kids' kryptonite is nostalgia, but how much money is worth putting a stain on one of the most untouchable franchises of all time. I think Toy Story 1, 2, and 3 all have 99 or 100% ratings on rotten tomatoes. They are all in the top 5 or 10 in highest rated movies of all time. Which is nuts but kinda deserving. Toy Story as a whole is the most creative concept for a movie that Hollywood has had in 30 years. The first 3 Toy Storys all have great plots, are funny, and have some of the most impressive animation ever.

Well let me be the first to tell you that Toy Story 4 is the best one in the series.

The plot: A++

Without spoiling, Woody and the gang are with their new kid, Bonnie, who we saw at the end of Toy Story 3 when Andy gave away all of his toys before going to college. While on a family road trip, Woody embarks on one of his heroic adventures to save one of Bonnie's new favorite toys while also running into some old friends and ultimately making some sacrifices for the good of the other toys and his kid, Bonnie. It's an epic tale that comes full circle and I promise there won't be a dry eye in the house by the time the credits start rolling.

The funny: A+

The ease in which jokes are intentionally/unintentionally dropped is amazing. Toy Story 4 might be the funniest of the whole series and there have been some all-time funny scenes in the first three. Toys like Ham, Potato Head, Rex, Slinky, and Jesse bring their quick witted comedy back and there are some new toys in the mix that bring the excitement and humor level to a 10/10. Plus the subtle humor of the entire idea of toys being alive and going on adventures while also not letting humans see them. Toy Story 4 is A+ funny.

The characters/cast: A++

I was hesitant to fall in love with some of the new toys in this one but they won me over pretty much immediately and the development of some of the older characters is incredible from the last time we saw them. Plus you'll want to stick around for the credits to realize who was voicing some of these new toys if you don't recognize them during the movie.

Animation: A+++

Pixar makes this movie incredibly lifelike without making it look too lifelike where it comes out weird. The animation is awesome and they use the fact that it's an animated movie so well by expanding the possibilities of reality just enough to keep it believable.

The movie: A++++

I fucking loved it. Go see it.

And now I'm left waiting for Toy Story 5 although I doubt that happens judging by the way Toy Story 4 ended. I think I'm going to abandon all of my sports teams and just watch Toy Story 1-4 every night instead of the Mets blowing another 8th inning lead or the Knicks signing Tobias Harris. It would be a much happier life.

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