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Oh Man-ish

Another Manituation in the development... our guys gone soft.

Hedging on himself once again


and im not surprised at all. Because Manish must act like this to keep his job.. he cant keep up with the pettiness if he wants to keep his job as the whole premise of his role lives and dies by the sources. Like a sunflower needing sunlight - manish has repositioned and emerged from the the dirt. The guy is resilient.

But Pio wasnt born yesterday. and the people dont forget.

What matters and what every reporter has circled are the mandatory dates. And here at CSB were all about transparency.

I dont give a flying fooks on this shit. But I am interested in how people react after first glimpse of Bell in a mandatory practice. Because we all know Manish has june 3rd-6th circled to scrounger up whatever he can for the clicks.

And I promise you fellow readers.... You have my word that CSB and Pio will be first on scene reporting on Manish.

You cant spell finish without ish just like theres no manish without the ish. I''m coming for you

"No pineapple. Lemon. Cherry. and Tutti Frutti."


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