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Me Too, I Hate This Commercial

Its the ringing

A horrible addition to an annoying song and you've got one aneurism inspiring commercial.

What does that photo mean to you?

When I first saw this commercial it made my head twitch and pinky finger wiggle. I especially hated the ringing.. but eventually could get on with my day

The second time I saw the commercial it stuck for a few hours. The third time kept me up all night and by the fourth I was writing an off-broadway suicide. This commercial had found a home in my head. (Cooo-Stanza).

9-5 by Dolly Parton with the added ringing does things to my brain that are similar to pavlovs raw-doggin technique.. Which is something i wouldnt mind doing to Dolly

Will ya Dolly Parton me for a minute.

This commercial has me brainwashed. I'm a mess. Its all I think about.

And although the message of this commercial is supposed to be about living your life, about equality.. it makes no sense because at the end shes in a log cabin alone exiled from society. Let alone the ringing in my ears, the irony that Northwestern Mutual only wants your money -they dont give a fuck about you bothers me.

No moral to this story besides in the beginning of this song, the rhythm/beat is a rip off of The Spinners 'The Rubberband Man' jam.

They released this in '76, while Dolly started prancing around with this patronizing country bullshit 4 years later. So If you know about rubberband band starting to jam, then you know they started the jam.

sounds good till you add this

I'll need to submerge my head into Dollys noise cancelling breasts everytime 9-5 comes on.

which is a genius idea for head phones.

Good energy



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