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The big Seindog celebrated his birthday earlier this week...Monday I believe. Jerry Seinfeld, master of the tight five, king of the day to day observations, and co-creator of the greatest show in all television, turned 65. So to commemorate the date, ive put together a top 5 of Seinfeld episodes.

(You readers.. My followers wouldve never fallen for a "top 65" episode blog joke click bait with dynamite. Your too smart and ive trained you well. I also would never rank 65 episodes.)


5.) The Betrayal.

-- Season 9 , Episode 8

The character name FDR: Franklin Delano Romanawski who continuously wishes Kramer to drop dead because of a snowball incident years ago.

Jerry, Elaine and George in India. "Put your sorries in a sack mister".

Most importantly the entire episode was shot backwards in a reverse chronological order. After the credits, were shown the first ever interaction between Kramer and Jerry.

"Were neighbors. Whats mine is yours."


Easter Egg: Larry David based Cosmo Kramer off his actual NY neighbor from back in the day, Kenny Kramer. And Real life Kenny Kramer originally refused consent for his name which is why in season 1 episode 1 Kramers name was Kessler. During this flash back in the betrayal, Jerry once again calls Kramer, Kessler.

Kramer is Kessler and Kessler is Kramer. Michael Richards is obviously a better Kramer than Kenny Kramer was Kramer. Imagine that?

Got it? Good

Side Note: Has Eastern happened yet?

4.) The Nap

-- Season 8. Episode 18

"I'd love a good nap. Thats the only thing that gets me up in the morning"


"its just empty calories and male curiosity. Ay Georgey ?"

Along with great quotes from this episode are some great back-puns "Good Virtibrations.. Lum-Bar Yard or "Back In"

Now a days the back ergonomic stores are out and the modern day stupid business puns are on pet groomer names:

"Bark Avenue" ... "Snip Doggy Dog" ... "Wizard of Paws"

Food truck names are cool


Theres also Kramer swimming in the East River ..."He sunk like a stone"

From start to finish we get some great interactions btween George and Jerry

3.) The Parking Garage

---Season 3. Episode 6

A classic. The ending is incredible.. especially how the car stalling out was unplanned

theres been a pattern of episodes with my favorite endings. but Im Not gonna over think it

2.) The Marine Biologist

--Season 5 . Episode 14

Kramer golfing on the beach

Also the greatest monologue ever

The sea was angry that day my friends...

1.) The Opposite

- Season 5. Episode 22

This is the #1. No matter what. Im talking Vontae Mack no mattr what.

Unfortunately ive run out of numbers. and steam. I hope you respect my honesty, transparency and the use of a "less is more" mentality for episodes 1,2,and 3 in my countdown.


Honorable Mentions / Received First Team Votes

The library (Bookman)

The Chicken Roaster

The Strike (Festivus)

The secret code: Bosco

The Millennium : Newmennium

The Summer of George

The Baby Shower – my cable boy

The hot tub – why separate knob why

Every other episode

(and you bet/stay tuned for a starting line up of seinfeld episodes)




although the list is subjective on how im feeling right now..its still definitely top 5

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