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A tribute to one of the greatest scenes in movie history

Supplanted in the first 10 minutes of an all time classic, Wayne's World (Wayne's World, Party Time, Excellent), is the epic scene of Wayne, Garth and their retarded friends jamming out to Freddie Mercury on cassette tape.

With Garth behind the wheel and Wayne riding shotgun, the scene is helluva tribute itself to one of the great party songs by one of the great party bands, showing how Bohemian Rhapsody has the power to turn partied-out people back to partied-in. Everyone's been a Phil before but not everyone has a friend like Wayne or Garth to pick them up at the bus stop and offer a no honk guaranteed ride back to party town USA, courtesy of a Queen jam sesh.

Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar deserve way more credit than they get. I don't know how it can be labeled a cult classic unless the cult is the human race. And probably dogs too. All time characters with all time quotes. Chicago is lucky to have these fictional guys representing them.

Shwing! Tent pole! She's a babe!

Sphincter Boy.

He Blows Goats. I Have Proof.

This Man Has No Penis.

Car! Game On!

But back to the tribute. If you haven't driven around singing "I see a little silhouette of a man... Scarambush! Scarambush! Can you do the Fandango... THUNDA BOLTS and LIGHTNING, VERY VERY Frightening!" on your way to party then you ain't livin, my friend.


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