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You've gotta be shitting me

I went to bed last night after Pete Alonso hit yet another absolute bomb dot com in the top of the 9th to extend the Mets lead to 10-4. After starting the inning up 5-4, I was sure that a 5-run top of the 9th was enough to seal the deal.

In fact, even the Mets social media account was certain that the 10-4 lead was going to be enough

Notice the "icing on the cake" caption with Pete rounding the bases in the top of the 9th as indicated by the scoreboard.

I thought I felt stupid waking up this morning to find out we blew a SIX RUN 9th inning lead and lost 11-10. Imagine how stupid that social media intern feels. There's nothing more Mets than blowing a six run lead in the 9th to your division rival who you are chasing for a wild card spot, except maybe posting an instagram with the caption "icing on the cake" from the top of the 9th before that ensuing meltdown to blow the game.

How about Edwin fucking Diaz. It's no secret that this guy has been brutal all season. But what the flying fuck. Edwin came in to attempt to salvage a win in a 10-6 game with the bases loaded and one out. It only took him two batters to ruin everything. A two-run double from Ryan Zimmermann, and a three-run walk-off homer by Kurt Suzuki and that was that, 11-10 the Mets lose.

Let's recap that. Mets are up four runs... there's one out in the 9th... two batters later the Mets have given up five runs and lose by one.

Somewhere the Seattle GM smiles as Jarred Kelenic caps off a 5-5 night with 3 doubles and a grand slam in AA.

And what really stings... the worst part to me about this collapse of epic proportions... We cost this guy another win.

Only the billionth time we've done it to Jake. It's so upsetting. And of course after the game like the true professional good guy he is, Jake's quote was "Everybody is pretty disappointed. We let one get away there." God bless you Jacob. And God willing, you'll get what you deserve and wind up on a winning franchise one of these years that will actually support you.

PS - Just read this stat. In deGrom's last 57 starts, he has a 2.13 ERA but his record is 16-17.

A sub .500 record over 57 starts with a 2.13 ERA!!!!! CUE THE MUSIC

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