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Why dont you do something, Leonard

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

I hate this guy. People call him the "big cat" , they call him the best overall talent from the 2015 NFL draft. Well I call him a bust. This guy is the most overrated biggest nonfactor player and it sucks that out of Damon Harrison, Sheldon, and Muhammed - we ended up with him. Youd think after striking out with Snacks and the unfortunate events that occured with Richardson and WIlkerson, that this guy would at least arrive by now.

Not the case. He gets injured, he disappears and worst of all - pretends like hes a dawg on the defense. And look, i get it "hes great at run defense" .. and he "gets double teamed all the time" - well so does my mom and im not making any excuses for her.

Since being drafted in 2015 Leonard has a total of - yes a TOTAL of 17 sacks. Lets see how that fairs against players in that same draft

In 2016 alone - Vic Beasley had 15.5, so rounded up to 16 sacks. Vic was picked 2 spots after Leonard

Frank Clark, a 2nd round pick in 2015 has a career total 35 sacks

Danielle Hunter, a third round pick in 2015 has a career total 40 sacks.

Trey Flowers, a 4th round pick that year has had 21 sacks

What's tough is I can do that with basically anyone. Takes me 5 seconds stumbling and bumbling around the internet to find these numbers. Williams stinks that much.

And as much as it is about his shitty production on the field , its also the lack of growth. His best season was after his rookie year with 7 sacks. Nice. But then last year, his 4th in the league, he racks up 5 sacks. He's a "run stuffer" ? Yeah, I guarantee a majority of those tackles/plays are coming in garbage time and stat padding. So shut up and look at Big Hank Anderson. A 2015 4th round pick who matched Williams' career high of 7 sacks last year. Matched it coming off the bench.

It's a serious rabbit hole so I refuse to do it with players that are even younger and drafted in 2016,17, and 18. So I'm gonna take this point home right here with one more player from the 2015 draft.

Rodney Gunter a DL on arizona whose the same exact size of Williams - 6 5 305 lbs. He on the other hand, has a total 8 career sacks. Which is basically half the number of Leonard.


Williams has started 63 games.

Gunter has started 25.

From 2015 - 2018 these are the snaps Gunter has played

Gunther - 470 , 344 , 426 , 673 (1913)

Same years and these are Williams snaps played

Williams - 887 , 978 , 956, 958 (3779)

Double Gunters snaps and he's at 3826. So yeah you could say the numbers add up.. Except Gunter is a god damn 4th round fucking pick. Gunter - Goneturd is making Williams look horrible. And Leonard Williams was supposed to be the best player coming out of the draft.

Now to the other Williams, Quinnen, Im looking right at you.

So when i see stuff like this

Im also looking at Leonard like this

Quit fucking around, Leonard.

god damn pick up the energy.

Or i will


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