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When the clocks a droppin come for the mockin

I couldve definitely done something like:

war hawk mock

small talk mock

baby talk mock

its always 5 oclock somewhere on draft day mock

the grandfather clock tolls for thee mock

electric shock mock

andrea bird cock of (The) my mock rock mock

ive had writers block on this mock so i googled things that rhyme with mock, mock

who knows

Anyways, moving on; as i digress i'll digress into how ive regressed. diminished declined disparage. like the Jets. i dont know i hate football right now. it ruined every single friendship of mine. Because once again as the jets embarrassed themselves, acting like some real grade A assholes. they everyone in their corner feeling like fools. I hate it. Becaues Its me.

and just like the jets, i blew it as a friend. I blew it. I wasnt considerate on how others felt towards a kicker duel. i took advantage of their faith and i totally blindsided AND decimated their trust of me. and just like the jets i fucked it all up.

Im Worthless

jk theyre pussies

But seriously football is hard to care about when its the jets, and its football, and the knicks are doing it so well

" so then why not write about the knicks"

id reply with

"youre still reading this? .... i guess i dont blame you"

Alright, heres my mock

me telling you to fuck yourself you in a couple minutes


  1. JAX: T "Pain" Lawrence

  2. JETS: This is a tough one. So im gonna defer to the genius bar. So if you didnt know, im a Kiper guy. Not a mcshay guy at all. in fct ill be live tweeting death threats to mcshay tongiht while hes on air. Im livid about this i also just found out about it today. so n light of everything, im deferring to mel's mock which has Zach Wilson

... oh whats that? McShay has Wilson too? (thats is a hand delivered punchline)

3. SF: Justin Fields

4. Atl: OT Penei - atlanta seems to always get sacked. and jake matthews altho 2 yrs into contract has no more guaranteed money. Dont pass on Senei - "i love you, sen-ei". Put Jakey to the RT. Make him earn it. But beef up the pass protection. Send a message.

5. Bengals: TE Kyle Pitts - whatever. hes gonna stink.

(also apparantly cause i had to land that great kiper v mcshay joke the OG number formatting wont return - technical difficulties!)

6. Miami TRADES with Philly - (Philly sends 12th, 70, and like a cheesesteak)

Philly: Ja' Marr Chase WR

7. Lions (are they always the 6-8th pick?... except for those #1's): QB Mac Jones

8. Panthers (are they always the 8th pick?): Rashawn Slater OL

9. Broncos: Caleb Farley CB

10. Cowboys: Patrick Surtain CB

11 Giants: Devonte Smith. Fuck me thats gonna suck as a jets fan / not friends with certain giants fan

12. Miami: Jaylen Waddle WR

13. Chargers: Alijiah Vera tucker OT

14. Vikings (i dont know or care what they do. its always boring.): Kwitty Paye DL

15. Pats: LB Micah Parson

16. Cardinals: trade with Jets jets give the 23rd and a 4th this yr and next yr 3rd.

Jets: Greg Newsom 11 CB

17. Raiders: Jaelen Philips Edge

18. Dolphins: Christian Darrasaw OT

19. WFT: Trey Lance QB

20. Bearz: Rashod Bateman WR

21 Colts: Teven Jenkins OT

22. Titans: Jeremiah Owusu-K LB

23. Cardinals: Azeez "Ansari" Oijuri

24. Steelers: Najee Harris

25. Jags: Jaycee Horn CB

26. Browns: Trevon Moerig OT

27. Ravens: Christian Barmore DT

28. Saints: Carlos Basham Edge

29. Packers: Zaven Colins LB

30. Bills: Terrace Marshall JR WR

31 Ravens: Liam Eichburg OT

32. Bucs: Gregory Rousseu



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Peter Klaven
Peter Klaven
29 avr. 2021

Love the Miami-Philadelphia re-swap of original picks #CSBold


Peter Klaven
Peter Klaven
29 avr. 2021

Trevon Moehrig is a Safety

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