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Updated: Apr 24, 2019

The Nets early 2000s run was similar to the mid 1990 Knicks. Good memories and great players. But no championship.

Fast forward to beginning of this decade. The Knicks got Amare and the Nets had Deron Williams. The Melo sweepstakes... Garnett and Paul Pierce. Some playoff runs which led to both teams completely depleting themselves of draft picks. A quick affair with Andrea "Bocelli" Bargnani.

The rivalry is...back?

How about Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov mission to burn Dolan at the stake -- and the 6 foot 8 Mikhail calling 5 foot 6 New York Knicks owner James Dolan a tiny man, creating the infamous "Battle of the Boroughs". Hail Mikhail!


If you arent convinced yet, Prokhorov put that 20 story greatness of a billboard right outside MSG. Right in the eye sight of Dolans office. Prokhorovs goal? To convert Knick fans into Net fans.

How bout that rivalry.. Knicks fans jumping shit to hail the Mik?

No. There is no rivalry. No way no chance.

Converting Knicks fans into Net fans? Well since 1999 that roles been occupied by the one and only James Dolan. Because since taking over Knicks fans far and wide have watched him make a mockery of our beloved team.


Seriously how in the fuck have the New Jersey Nets gotten back to the playoffs before the Knicks? For christ sakes we even started our tank before them and Im pretty sure theyre still sending draft picks and money up to Boston for that KG trade 100 years ago.

And why else would I take time away from working my tight-5 jerk off? Well things are getting out a hand...things are no longer a laughing matter.

Did you know:

After the ABA - NBA merger in 76', the New Jersey Nets and New York Knicks have played a total 195 times. As of now the Knicks have the slightest edge in wins at 99 to 96.

Since the New Jersey Nets underwent new ownership in 2012 and moved to whats basically northern new jersey to rebrand as the New Jersey Nets in their new Barclay stadium we've played 28 times. Series is split 14 and 14. FUCK

All time playoff head to head?

10 games. Split down the middle there too. 5 - 5.

Granted the Nets and this run should last that long. But what if its the real deal? Jarret Allen, Caris Levert, and Joe Harris are guys that seem like your typical Nets players ...except not creating the Nets-like results. Theyre actually good. D'Angelo Russell is a new man. As the Knicks are still throwing lineups at the likes of Tim Thomas, Toney Douglas, Chris Duhon, and Pablo Prigioni.

What the fuck is going on??

And to only matter worse -- things arent getting better for the Knicks.. If you werent aware, James Dolan has more than a silver spoon up his ass. Hes got a band too: "JD and the Single Shot". Supposed to witty. Like a single shot of jack daniels.

Dolan uses his connections to put up big events and play alongside big names. His style is a lot like bluegrass without the blue or the g and r. Its miserable.

So when hes not embarrassing the Knicks inside Madison Square Garden - hes doing it outside. Singing fucking lullabies about Harvey Weinstein.

If you really want to become infuriated:

Is he kidding? Ask me and Im gonna say hes projecting something. The songs name is "I Shouldve Known" for fucks sake.. Well now we know you got something to hide.

Who listens to this pompous shit? Is this supposed to be moving? Touching? At the slightest bit relatable?

I pulled a couple lyrics. If youd call them lyrics. Its more like an 8 year old coming up with a song for a friend.

Your endless talks with Harvey Weinstein?? This song is the equivalent of Barbara Streisands comments about Michael Jackson.

And what in the fuck does this it do for the metoo movement? It sure as hell doesnt help any of the victims, let alone your buddy Harvey. It actually makes the whole thing worse.

And if anything, the only thing clear after listening to this song is that you did know. You knew the entire time.

I can imagine an accusation coming across Dolans desk in which his only response being.. "But I wrote that song"..


Dolan has to fuck off... How did it come to this? Sell the team, Jim.

The NBA deserves better, New York deserves better, Walt Frazier deserves better.

Thank god we still have Clyde.

Love you Clyde

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