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Weekday Sandiwches

here we are, week 3 back at the station. Hop onboard. Todays sandwich isnt on wednesday, its on saturday

Some few things to touch on

I dk whats going on with Jamal dropping the jets from his social media pages , i dont really care.

Cause at the moment we suck. - and were a long ways away from where we gotta be. But my people let me remind you that The seasons young. Besides the shitty offensive line, 3rd division cornerbacks, monoman sam , Quincy enunwats going on, injured mosely and quinnen,........

... . were really just the return of chris "willy" herndongomez from being a decent , wildcard quality, superbowl team.

I have no idea what happened in this week sandwich. And I cant be more clear there.. I dont know what the guy put in this one.

the Truman show bench, monosam, the injuries, a whole lot of shits gone on. Extracurricular shite if you knows what im talking about.

But, let me remind you, were stronger than this. Weve been in worse mud... up to our ears in shit. a 1 legged man in a fight. a 1 legged man paddleing up shits creek.

This shit doesnt even phase me.

SO im gonna take a bit ol bite into this sandwich and move on.

Leonard williams. What the hell dude? I promise, Leonard. I Promise i will never spend one more second or ounce of energy on this guy. And i really mean seconds, because i see and live in a world of energy. a seperate dimension of time where the only things physical are mirrors.

oh really?

Your saying im pulling one play that hasnt represented him

and no im not going to bring up qb pressures or qb knowdowns

compared to other players in that draft

yeah stats a lot like CSB favorite 4th rounder Rodney Gunter. Gunter.

i bet your over there wondering

why dont i have the balls to post the pff QB KNOckDOWNS or his pressures or missed tackling percentage


Leonerd read my advanced stats

Its not a girls name - Danielle

Rodney "whats the name of the game?!" Gunter

Vic"Quatro" Beasley

but honeslty your a pussy if you listen to these justiftakections.

And speaking of justifitakecions-

The mono affected Sams first game. He and the Jets - were gonna be alright.

I bet were in the playoff picture in no tiime

Also: wouldnt it be nice to have had this guy?

looking at you , jachairi politely leave

Its fall out there fellers.

otherwise known as cig weather.

Talk soon



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