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Trump defends statement of 38 million people in Seoul. Cites "prove it" as primary defense

WASHINGTON D.C. -- Yesterday Donald Trump, when asked about how the US is prepared to rebound from the Coronavirus pandemic, used Seoul, South Korea, as an example of how society will eventually return to normal in the US.

"Do you know how many people are in Seoul? 38 million people" said Trump. Later it was reported that there are roughly 9.7 million people living in Seoul, with 25 million people in the Seoul metropolitan area, according to the United Nations. It is presumed that President Trump was referring to the elevation of the city, which according to Wikipedia is 38m (meters).

Today, when asked about the goof, Trump responded to questions by saying "Prove it. Did you count every person in Seoul? No? Ok then, shut up. Next question."

CSB reached out to the United Nations for comment on their population figures but were told they were too busy plotting the next global crisis to respond.

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