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Trade Bait?

Click Bait?

Trade Takes? You got it.

Leonard Williams is indeed on the chopping block (which if you were in the biz youd know already)..... (the biz of reading CSB business).

Our former 1st round pick, 6th overal to be specific has played to the production of a 4th rounder. And a once acclaimed "steal" and "best talent in the draft" and "no brainer" is seemingly "not that good". But the coaches praise Williams leadership. They say he does a lot of stuff that the fans dont see. He takes on double teams, opens up holes for his teammates, and fills up the stat collumns in areas like QB pressures, and missed opportunities.

Thats all fine and cute. But it isnt gonna do it for Pio. Because if if's and buts were candies and nuts, my father wouldve been around for christmas.

Truth be told, im sick of the Leonard and id be happy to ship him off for a new pair of underwear. Only to create a massive shit stain on that pair of underwear and throw it out. Becuase thats what Leonard has done to my heart. To me, Williams is the emboddiement of the old time Bowles jets. One massive shit stain. A lot of "heart" and a lot of "excuses" but not a lot of results. This just guy does not belong and its sad seeing the justifitakecions come through for the guy.

Or is it?

BEcause ive never seen such smoke screen praise. Talk about how shitty he is and trade him for a new Keurig. Because Maccagnan obviously left with the last one. Basically what im getting to is wake the fuck up and ship him outta here.

I want to puke when i see the Jets media talking about Belichecks praise for the guy. And i hope its making Williams sick to his stomach. Becasue every day he should be reminded that he has more offside penalties this year than sacks (0). Not that he "almost" got the to quarterback.

This is where my faith in Gase stands. Because we all know Gase isnt going to stick up for his players. And Gase will sell them out for a can of peanuts. Hes the opposite of every coach weve ever seen. So stay tuned for the meat of this week sandiwch later today. I want to touch base on the Cowboys win (alex lewis/chuma chaba cheeba/ robby/sam/ quinnen) and how were looking against the Pats come Monday Night. (Mosley return game)

Its been a long stretch. But at least those crying creatures bitching about Gase are now crawling back to under those rocks they came from. And More specifically those rocks in their living room whic they call the "game zone" because they use YOutube TV and can stream Redzone and once a year go to a game thats the price of their monthly paycheck with their underlying beliefs that they matter in a world worth supporting a larger than life gladiator corporation


In the mean time check out one of my idols, Steven brody Stevens. One of the funniest minds...., in my mind

I love you all

Go jets

Go Knicks


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