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Theres a name for this

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

and its called Multi-Taking

Which is exactly what the season has been like for master p. Master P P . Master P.0 shows his colors and luckily for all 0 of you readrs, master P is as transparent as a trans-parent. Thats a daddy who becomes a mommy right in front of his/her/it's eyes. or lets just say im so transparent i question my own gender.

Cause I wear my self on my sleeves. i then roll up those same very sleeves an start my day digging away at the dirt of the world.

Its called multitaking because its hundreds if not thousands of takes in 1 sitting.... a hard feat yet easy to accomplish. A skill you cannot be taught becuse you dont need to be... Because Its not something your born with....Which ironiclly goes against the whole transparency stuff from earlier.

I believe the Jets, I know the Jets fucking stink on ice. But i gave myself wiggle room for success in that take. Sure, THey suck, NOW. but thats because theyre going against the grain of every other Year 1 Jets coach. Everything is not good, but its also not great. The Giants which was once looked at to be the worse team on the schedule -- are now theyre the talk of the town. The Nets? no were still talking about the Knicks.

Its a juggling act and if you cant keep up then netiher can i.

Or can i?

Multi taked you right there. Yo stupid idiot

Bottom line is the Jets are probably going to walk into century link field today, play the Eagles who are starting to get into engine life and with Luke Faulk"yourself" as QB - the Jets are more likely than not, gonna lose

I can tell you that 2 teams will be playng and there wont be a tie And yes were gonna lose.

But because im so convinced on this loss - im telling you now to not be surpised if we end up winning.

and se la vie aka "cut the cheese"

I was expecting the jets to be horrible this year and i really cant keep making up excuses for Adam Gase. As He should resign if he cant get a game of 100+ passing yards today. Its pathetic. in fact its so impressively pathetic that he should continue to keep his job

so here we are - on the brink of 0-4 and probably soon to lose to both the Giants and fish at home.... And We still might be okay

God save the cheese

me trying to hit all the takes in the world

Some of the juiciest of picks for 1pm games:

Over 44.5 Ravens/Steelers

Over 43.5 Giants / Vikings

Jags ML

Saints -3 (or ML you pusy)

I love you all


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