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The Snooz

the soundtrack to my life would be my alarm clock. Because Ive spent more time half asleep phone in hand hitting the snooz than peaceful sleeping on its own. And you know what? i wouldnt have it any other way. I live in the snooz. I own the snooz. I am the snooz

Last nights game was a snooz. Mitch "Mark Sanchez" Trubiski showed his true colors and threw up a couple biskuits (which isnt a good thing.) I was furious watching the game. It nagged me.

Matt Nagy ya hit me in the nads with your playcalling. And If Ive seen it once, ive seen it a hundred times... - and does that expreession mean ive only seen it once? Or is it 100 times?

Because Ive seen it 100 times. The same shit 100 times over and over again. Like the definition of insanity. I think im startting to understand .

The Jets have lived and died , only to be reborn again just to die again with this formula. Relying too heavily on the passing game. Getting away from the chops. The ol hoove. Hoover dam you jets, mind you.

In last nights game - want to know the last time the Bears ran the ball? No? Well ok.

So lets talk about Mike Davis.

I get it. "Playmaka"

But so is Montgomery and Mike Davis was eating up all the touches. When Cohen was dropping passes, when Cohen was shaken up.. This is who came in to "spark the offense".

So instead of Davidé who was actually making plays:

- we were stuck watching Mike Davis. And you combine Mike Davis with Mitchell Trueben sandwich and we got ourself a bunch of dumperooskis. 2 yard dumps. Can you honestly tell me this stat doesnt bring out a solid belly laugh?

Thats 6 catches for 17 yards.

And i know. I know my people. I know. in retrospect "everythings 20/20" and its easy to say get Montgomery the ball.. "if my aunt agnes had nuts she'd be my uncle".. right?

But hear me out, when you have a mint issued, freshy in David Montgomery who holds the NCAA record for missed tackles , ya got to get him the ball.... (...and Hand up im well aware that stat is the epitome of a justifiTAKEcion towards my biased opinion on what the actual fuck)

Ill finish it up with this - when you fuckn trade up in the 3rd round to get draft a RB.. you shouldnt take away his time for a journeyman whose missed the boat in terms of freshness for a running backs knees. Matt Nagy im only going to say it once....if ive said it 100 times

You never, never, ever have Mark Sanchez throw the ball more than 30 times. Like im pretty sure theres a stat somewhere that says Sanchez is 0-10000 when he throws the ball more than 28 times.

And to answer your question - the ones who did want to know about the running game.

The bears last running play came at 11 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. They ran 33 consecutive passing plays from then on.

The only joy out of it was following CSB gambling advice and taking the pack and the under. The under was as sweet as the mackinaw peaches. Let me tell you

Long live Pio


Hit the snooz, Nagy.

I love you all ... even you nagy


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