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The Jets traded with the Pats and i dont use socks as toilet paper

Two things , and only 1 of them is real

This blog here is a recap of the recent trade, and whats going on with the Jets as of today, Sandwich Wednesday Week1-Week2

Before getting into the Pats Jets trade - i do want to drop some breaking news. Quincy Enunwa is out for the season. Neck injury again...Brutal stuff.


The Jets sent a 2021 6th round pick to the New England Patriarchy in exchange for old man Demaryius Thomas. Thomas, a wide receiver was close with Adam "the Mad Mace Windu" Gase back when they both worked in Denver. Gase was the Broncos wide receivers coach from years 2010-2012 and then the offensive coordinator for the Broncos years 2013 and 2014. So safe to say theres plenty of familiarities between the two.

Gase/ Joe Douglas not only cut his kicker yesterday, but also made a trade with the Pats - which is something the Jets havent done since 2000 when we sent some old fart named Bill Belicheck up to New England in exchange for a 1st round pick.

And how did that all turn out? Well i think we can all agree when i say the Jets got the better end of the deal then.

Basically 20 years later and we finally got some action. Hand up - i had no idea its been this long since the two teams have dealt with eachother, but ever since the Curtis Martin ordeal, and then the whole "spygate" - apparently these two teams dont even speak to eachother - something funneled down from upper management... and in my opinion if your the Pats, its legit cause you ignore us and then kick the living shit outta us. But for the Jets - were like a passive aggressive loser that wont speak to the Pats in spite for not being spoken to because there mad we told on them. I dont know. I think the whole "rivalry" is childish and honestly not a "rivalry" at all. Its stupid becaus we suck and they just are so good - and i cant even pretend to say they circle us on their calendar with any other intention besides circling us for games that dont matter. so im glad we ripped the band aid off and moved on from that whole "bad blood" narrative.

Its also more than a new leaf ,a new tide, a new moon for the organization. Just another move that I love - and something completely different from past regiments. BEcause In the past weve seen Rex say he hates and will destroy the the Pats.. or Bowles mumbling about loving his guys or even Idzik not saying anything but crunch numbers and drafting 1000 busts - WELL at least now weve got a front office with the balls to call (catchy, i know) -- but more importantly, a front office of grown ups. So besides the organizational move of growing up - Its also the new regi-ment (if you didnt catch that clever guy the first time) sending a message to the locker room.

And according to Gase frm his presser today:

"The pats just added a new guy to to their WR corp - so they had some depth. Douglas gave them a call and we landed a deal."

So theres no denying new management are still shaking things up. And following Quincy out for the year - this move makes sense.

Because the underlying tone here is Gase is pissed at the receivers and extremely dissapointed in them from their performance Sunday. So theyre bringing in an old guard cause the new guards need to be held accountable too.

So i scooped up these two plays from Sundays game against the Bills. Two massive massive opportunities at the end of the game that wouldve changed everything. and Probably two of the better samples on why their sending a clear message to the young receivers

The first one - although a little physical , Robby still doesnt do close to what it takes to catch the ball. I say he jumps for it , does something rather laying down and hoping for the ball to magically fall into his hands, - because lets be real its 'not' not catchable... - and for sure we blame Darnold too for the shaky back foot underthrow. BUT while both are at fault -- if Robby gets aggressive and goes up for it then at the very least he's drawing the flag for pass interference. So as much as i want to say we can move past it - i cannot not call this inexcusable. Cause its a piss poor effort by Robby. And i cannot not say i will not not stop using this terminology. Cause i confuse myself too - i confuse myself out of the take

Something worth noting: - for all the fake moos telling us how Gase throws his players under the bus - today in his presser he states that 3&1 is the play he regrets most. And he has learned from. He said both Sam and Robby did what they could - but he shouldnt have put the team in that position with that play. He probably wishes he went to Bell... but i digress

On that second play - reports from Jets locker room tell Master Pio that Gase was actually more pissed about the 2nd missed chance over the first, and even if im still hung up on the first one.. well still disect it like a bunch of school children dissecting a frog.


Well I concur as well and call this inexcusable from Robby. I see bad body language on the Rob. I mean just look - just fucking look. Even the Bills safety lays out for that ball - and hes like 5 yards short. Robby just jogs it off. And im going as far to say Robby gave up on the ball way too early. I wouldve dove for it. And i probably wouldve caught it too.

Bottom line: these two plays happened on the same drive - the most important drive of the game. And as of now, the season (this is my reaching right - its for emphasis, i know. and youd know too if you knew anything about putting asses in seats)

But plays like those have to land. If not things have to change - Which is why theyre bringing in Thomas (pending he can pass his physical.. which i swear if he doesnt ill be eating my words so hard). We fucking needed 1 of those 2 to hit like i need socks to wipe my ass.

And to be honest, im now re-pissed he didnt go up for that first ball. im all repissed off again.

And quite frankly, i understand why when those plays happened - this is how Gase looked

Ill wrap things up with a great quote from the presser today. When asked about Enunwas neck this was Gases response:

"im not a doctor. i dont understand the details and everything......(then was asked: did they tell you this injury is related to the previous injur)... Gase: i didnt ask all these questions because its one of these things where if i ask too many questions im not gonna understand any of this stuff.

Put it on a shirt

I got a case of the Gase.

Hes the man and were gonna be ok. Between him and Joe Douglas ive got all the confidence in the world - mainly because im fading the public here as im the only beat reporter beating off to them.

Grow up Jets Fans

Love live the Gase

Keep up the energy folks

Pio Loves You

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