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Someone teach Carlos Gomez how to slide/run the bases

Gomez was caught stealing last night by rookie catcher Will Smith in his major league debut. He was originally called safe on the play but the call was overturned after a Dave Roberts challenge, and as you can see from the picture above and video below, he was out by a mile.

That's two days in a row that Gomez made a mistake on the base paths. And it's the same fuckin' slide. Last night was much worse because his outside hand went way past the bag before his inside hand made contact, which was the difference in him being out or safe. But to use this same stupid fucking easy-to-tag-out slide again and get easily-tagged-out is such a pathetic fuckup that I'm afraid to watch tonight. You know Mickey isn't going to sit him tonight - granted the entire roster is injured but even if they weren't Mickey doesn't have the wherewithall to sit anyone.

Thankfully for Carlos...

Michael Corelonforto gave em an offer they couldn't refuse

Carlos Gomez sins were cleansed by the W. Tonight let's hope he is just as lucky.

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