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Shoutout to EA Sports NCAA March Madness 2005 with Emeka Okafor on the cover

The intro to this game was must watch this time of year:

With 2004 NCAA Champion and greatest college basketball Center in the last 20 years Emeka Okafor on the cover, this game was the pinnacle of College Basketball video games. The UCONN squad in the game featured #22, #03, #05, #11, #21, #33, #31, #32 and a freshman #12. Otherwise known as Rudy Gay, Charlie Villanueva, Marcus Williams, Hilton Armstrong, Josh Boone, Denham Brown, Rashad Anderson, Ed Nelson, and a freshman AJ Price.

The game also featured an underrated candidate for the most dominant/most fun character to ever play with in a video game, and that is #4 on Duke from Roanoke, VA, aka junior year J.J. Reddick. The original Steph Curry cheat code was J.J. Reddick coming off a screen. I can't count the number of UCONN vs. Duke battles I've participated in on PS2. J.J. vs. Rudy Gay in college is peak video games.

The winner of the actual 2005 NCAA Basketball National Championship was North Carolina. This was the infamous "We're all 3 coming back next year to defend the title" team with juniors Sean May, Rashad McCants, and Raymond Felton. Not to mention the 2005 #2 overall NBA draft pick, freshman Marvin Williams. Talk about a case of a midwest kid from Indiana not realizing two dudes from central Carolina are going to go pro ASAP.

I hope you can agree that playing an mid-2000s EA Sports video game using the above teams and players puts this game in the Hall of Fame on the first ballot, but if you weren't sold yet here is the most fun team to use in the game. The Illinois Fightin' Illini. A trio of guards in #04 Luther Head, #05 Deron Williams and #11 Dee Brown with a sneaky annoying big man in #40 James Augustine. These guys could drain and get to the rack and it was fun as fuck to play with.

Then you had stars like Rajon Rondo on Kentucky,Chris Paul on Wake, Adam Morrison on Gonzaga, Nate Robinson on Washington, Julius Hodge on N.C. State, and Wayne Simien on Kansas.

The fact that this game was on PS2 is no coincidence. Greatest console for sports video games ever.

But when March came around, you are legally not allowed to skip "One Shining Moment" and watch the little digital guys lay their hearts on the line, hit buzzer beaters, and cut down the nets. That video is used by NASA to resuscitate dead people in space.

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