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Reporter Attacking Reporters

or as otherwise called "Beef Reporting" by a future coworker of mine is very much real in this (today's) day and age.... Transparency note: I originally wnated to write "in todays day in age" but that i've emerged as a player in the game, its common etiquette to stay away from the grammar mishaps under my watch. So bare with me as i'm not trying.

In todays day in age you see "beef reporting" from all levels. You just gotta open your eyes. It happens.

Reporters attacking reporters, beat reporters attacking beat reporters, analysts attacking analysts, internet reporters (me) attacking other forms of reporting, trolls attacking trolls .

Just your typical beef reporting.. and this case we have a Beat reporters having reporters.

Beef reporting can be used in such:

"from the beef curtains!"

And Welcome to the show.


Theres been a manituation going on .. As of recent Manish Mehta has been getting ratioed on twitter from probably no one other than the #ciminion army.

A web once spunned into a comfortably silken house, manish emerged to fly straight into the bug zapper.. The No Free Jersey Zapper

See after the Doug Marrone saga, Manish was left flying too close to the sun..and his wings became clipped. After Mac's firing last week Manish has been out of sources and full of hate.. Something we in the biz like to call, a bad look. .

It's also what we in the biz' like to call; the end of his mehtamorphisis

If you havent been following -- CSB got Manish after he popped up for air after not getting his free jersey . Since the GM debacle has happened, more (the ciminion army) have taken notice... But for some reason manish is holding onto this villain role.. trying to drop leaks about the Jets. Maybe trying to make it a career thing.. hes gotten too deep in the beef reporting.. too muddy.

I;m here to tell you manish - it's not too late.

If i'm manish i start riding the leveon bell angle.. High risk higher reward. Be Bell's guy because us fans are praying for a winner... and if he proves to be the player we believe he can be than YOU, Manish, you got yourself your "Rudy" moment. Just admit being with Mac was a crappy, painful relationship. Were not going to hate you for your flaws - well accept you for your effort. You were in love and You didnt get a free jersey.. Ive seen it a hundred times.

Moving forward us Jets fans want to shove it in the NFLs face, in Pittsburghs face....Mac was a tyrant, a silent killer. He fooled us one too many times.. how else does someone survive the Hackenberg selection for that long?

I've got and have had this feeling about Gase that I know far too well. Kind of in comparrison to the other night when I felt so good about Portland holding out for a game 4 home victory. I thought it was a sure thing -- just like Gase being a horrible hire.

So what did I do? I bet Golden State live moneyline to come back. The opposite. Im fading myself.

In conclusion, here at CSB we proudly covered Manish's transformation beginning to end.. So let me move on from this very problem manitching my brain. Lets remember the day good energy began.

Cause someones gotta take the manitiative


On a side note how the fuck havent we seen anything about Jets OTA's? Are we really just waiting for the mandatory June 3rd-6th session to start up the bullshit? Someone give me a badge

Like i alwys say, if you want something done right, you do it yourself. WElcome to CSB Business, Sports, Comedy.

Ill see you at the next beef reporting. Theyre about as predicatble as fuckin rabbits, fucking.

Beefy Energy


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