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On Wednesdays post i made a push towards Marcus Maye sliding over to be a box safety. I said he'd be our starting strong safety this year. And although he is a better, more physical box safety than over the top coverage - I DO redact any position change I was alluding to. THATS ALL i redact. Jets are still winning the super bowl.

Because Bradley McDougal will be the Jets starting strong safety at the start of this season.

Check out this BaldEagle breakdown of the Dewgs career at strong safety.

His coverage skills are way more legit than I expected.. Granted the passrush of Seattle is and has been much better than the Jets (we must sign Clowney) .. but bottom line is we have a couple versatile safetys out there.

And aint it ironic how much Adams would talk about dawgs for the Jets. All the while his replacement seems to be that type of loyal dawg Jamal was projecting.

SO post redact review; McDougal stays at SS and Maye-day keeps the position he's held since entering the league. No need to change things up.

Just a lot of excitement here. Not only is MacDougal on a final year contract.. But his arrival/abilites WITH the exciting ball hawking center field prospect in Ashtyn Davis allows Maye-Day more freedom to play near the line of scrimmage. So its a win - win. My redaction is more a comma rather a period. An open book rather than a closed one.

And while we're talking open books. Im gonna keep this trend rolling and review this 2020 asterisk team. Gotta take a risk and make an ass out of this bizarre 2020 super bowl winning team.


Starters: Marcus Maye FS, Bradley MacDougal SS

Backups: Ashtyn Davis, Matthias Farley

Farley gets the 4th spot due to idk he's been on the team since 2019. He's already familiar with the playbook. Something important in these times.

Next will be about the corner backs. And theres a totally new crop (dust) of shit talent.

See Ya


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