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Recap and Tippidy Tap me out

I'm saying all this so mono toned ive got mono.

Because im just tired. Im tired and im not surprised.

This honestly has nothing to do with how the 1st team looked -- I sure as hell loved Darnolds performance - who wouldnt?

So Ill say this now - who gives a shit about the first preseason game? Or my predicitions? They dont even matter ! Its just the preseason !

So what hurts, whats tiring is the PTSD from the Idzik - Macs torturous years. And not coincidentally enough - we have a long long way to to go until this team can be taken seriously. Besides some previous first round gimmes - our team doesnt have the talent to produce -- Our depth is pathetic and it showed.And this depth is a direct correlation to the shitty GMs weve had over the years. Direpth.

The well has gone dry my boy, the well has gone dry. Rivers are running thin and food is scarce. the fish - well we ate all those fish. Weve run out of resources. Hell weve had since the Waters dried up after those 2009-2010 AFC runs.

We need to revamp the secondary because they were absolutely horrendous. The leftovers from Macs wont make the team. Parry Nickerson and Derrick Jones have no place in my heart. Theyre not going to help us get anywhere. And can we please get rid of Rontez "charlie villanueva" miles??

There are free agents out there - sure older - but better than the guys we are looking to be giving actual playing time. For example - Morris Claiborne. He just signed witht eh Chiefs the other day. No! We shouldve brought him back. Those re the moves thatll seperate us from perenial bust quinnen williams #3 "best talent in the draft" and a real serious #15 overal draft pick.

Just kidding. Wildcard explosion.

There is obvious benefit to making a leap, whether trading or signing a player that has shown he can play in this league, who cares if theyre older. Im not talking crazy contract for someone 30+ aka Revis but you know, taking this shit serious. And obviously thats a pretty standard/easy statement to make -- but for example check out KO. Keleche Osmele "what the Pio is cooking" . Kel"nacho"Leche Os-mele 'later' . #70. Remember this man. We traded to get him from the Raiders earlier in the summer.... Look at him. And now look into the future and think of what he can create when its Leveon. Hopefully the other recent signings of vets will follow suit

So weve got things to look forward to. In Joe Douglas I shall trust.

Until then, im tapping out for the rest of the preseason.

But not for the preachseason

Love me some Gase. We got some real good energy up ahead.

see you later


Osemelya Later

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