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Prescott Declined 30M a year Contract

Hahah what an idiot!! And you can't even say "he's betting on himself" because when you dont take 30 because you need 40 MILLION your only betting on yourself being an enormous asshole. Like how do you pretend that you care about your team and winning and not all about yourself after this? You dont.

The best part is how Zeke wants a new contract and here comes Dak refusing 30M a year. What a slap in the face to his guy from day 1. Becuase without Zeke there is no way in hell that hes able to justify 40M. And people in the first place have to be asking what hes done to deserve even the 30M. "Hes a pro bowl QB" yeah only because every other QB in the NFC dropped out of the pro bowl. 30M puts him the likes of Matt Ryan. Dak Prescott is a Ryan Tannehill at best.

Because hes going to stink this season - and the cowboys are going to stink this season , Dak will be signing for 20M a year if hes lucky,

"Why are you writing about the Cowboys, Pio?"

I'll tel you why - because what are we going to be paying Darnold once hes off his rookie contract?? 100M a year? Everyone would rather Darnold over Dak and if these are the leveraging asking numbers for QBs coming into contract talk - Darnolds gonna expect a life time supply of billions. Dak is just paving the way for the next generations of QBs to be fine asking for 40M+ a year without the hometown discount (which is such bullshit by the way. what hometown discount? you never see it happen)

Live look at Dak throwing away 30M

Live look at Sam picking it up

god damnit photoshop is not easy


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