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Praise be to God, Jeff McNeil only has a mild hamstring strain

Jeff McNeil went down in the 9th last night with a hamstring injury causing every Met fan from here to China to collectively shit themselves. McNeil has been a consistent bright spot in what was an abysmal season in Queens until the 15-1 streak starting July 25th. Squirrel has done nothing but hit all year. He's currently hitting .332, 3rd best in the NL, after leading the league in average for a portion of the year and being named an All Star in what is basically his rookie season.

Jeff is a natural second basemen, but he has been forced into playin LF, RF, 3B, and basically anything but Second. Ironically, last night was one of the few nights this season where he was actually playing second base, but still being used as a utility man all over the diamond while hitting over .330 is fucking insane and I can't help but think that it has had an impact on his health. Hamstrings are nagging injuries and playing different positions requiring him to make such different movements night in and night out just can't be good for his legs.

But this blog is not about negativity. It's about positivity. We were just given a second life. Jeff McNeil will be alright. He was placed on the 10-day IL today and will likely be back within two or three weeks. Just in time for us to make a run at this thing in September.

And in a move that couldn't be scripted by Martin Scorcese himself, who have the Mets called up to replace McNeil while he's on the IL?



That's right. The host of this mothafuckin shindig. Ruben Tejada is back in orange and blue and it is once again time to #WINFORRUBEN

If Ruben gets a big hit tonight it will be official. We are living in a simulation. But god damnit I'll take 100 lifetimes in the Matrix if it means we can beat the Braves tonight and win a GOD DAMN world series.


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