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Pios Pukka

(if your here for the Giants / Jets skim to 2nd line or whatever that thing is called)

how many shitty blogs starts with the words "were finally here" or "football is back" or "after a long summer" .. shitty blogs is what inspired me to join master kav, or toney bologne, or whatever stupi name he changes to next . Hes too busy thinking of a new name rather cranking out blogs that you wouldnt have known over the weekend he made some money horse gambling in whast im sure was a content packed weeeknd fulluv stories in satatoga.

But we do this for ourselves. Its all out of good energy . that theres no time to waste getting bothered that our own twitter handle doesnt even follow its #1/only blogger . in fact it follows some online troll who only cares about getting blocked by nancy pelosi. i dont see any contributions here from the troll.. just your standard online troll who likees to talk the talk. which fairs well for tony bologne. cause it seems like he too enjoys all barking and no biting. the Name Works well for a guy thats full of bologne. But we cant be bothered, right my people?

So in other words, if i wasnt as poor as a church mouse ... who strangely enough also gets roped into the symbolism of being quiet (as a church mouse) ..- that youd think maybe if that church mouse speaks up hed get some hush money and not be as poor as a church mouse.

This is what paragraphs 1 and 2 attest to. I guess we should get a little bothered or forever live like that church mouse. Poor , Quiet and in love with jesus christ.

Ive had it up to here with this shit



NOW that is over with. I wanted to bring you in a littlecloser to understand my formatting for the season

What I do is a little something called Pios P's

This title, Pios Pukka - sets the tone for my good faith, good hearted nature. The genuine energy i preach.

But Pios P's will be the instillment going forward and will address the things i look for leading into the game.

This is the eye test, gut test, and nut test all in one.

Passion, Patience, Pure, Pretty, Popular, Poignant, Process, Painless, Pure, Proud, Perfect

And this list can go on and on. I can speak to any of them at any moment.

Popular? Are we taking over the stadium? Are our players carrying themselve with a certain swagger like confidence? Are we being talked about?

Because if theyre not talking, than theyre mock drafting us at #3 for interior "best player in the draft" defensive lineman

Patience? : When were out there do we seem to be controlling ourselves? Or are we constantly playing fast and in a hurry? No hurry - no worry

Pretty - how does eric tomlinsons hair look?

Process - ? : Sticking to our game? Not over compensating on one end?

Painless (Wayne) : Is it enjoyable to watch -- am i expecting misery and pain ? because i dont want to. not any more

Pure? Lets be real -- would i snort this team?

This is what I care about. And Sure numbers never lie, but you know what doesnt lie either? My bone-dawg. And you cant put a number that. Is it 4.5 inches fully erect? I swear Ive gotten it to 6.... but Ive also made it work at 4 with what i swear was a strong 7 finish.


Now, the game tonight.

My people we got a game tonight

Preachseason Game 1 - where takes get made and quakes are paid

Jets Vs Giants. Whose the home team?? Who gives a shit!

Everything aside, - lets be real my people -- its game 1 of the preseason. And its the New Jersey Giants. People are tuning in for the Jets. Theres absolutely 0, nilch, nothing exciting going on with the Giants.

People are here for Sam, for Bell, for Adams. We want to know about Quinnne Williams and Robby Anderson. No one cares about 40 year old "out of the golden years" Golden Tate. The only story line we cant wait to see from the Giants is how soon we can label Daniel JOnes a bust.

Its preach season my people. Get ready for a whole lot of it.

Patience - Are we going to see Leveon Bell play tonight? While My main man-ish over at the NY Daily says no

In a pretty standard Manish talk track that includes a whole lot of Back tracking - Manish eventually says have Bell on the field as a decoy but dont let him touch the ball. So i dont know if that qualifies playing him or not - either way... shut up with your weird game manishment ideas.

Yes you play Bell. Let him work off the dust and rust and whatever else. Show him off.

Which leads to the question on how much time the 1st team be on the field. Will Darnold and co play only 1 drive? See I wouldnt be surprised if Gase keeps him in for the entire quarter. I wouldnt not welcome it. New Guy in town with a whole new roster. Why not push the boundaries. Between Bell and Ty, quincy crowder and robby... Yeah.. actually lets only play them for the first 2 drives. Thats enough for our guys to put up 100 points against that JV Giants defense.

Who scores first?

After Chandler Catanzer (Katmandu) misses a field goal the Giants get a nice ol fashion Eli savvy vet interception. Darnold ends his day with a TD hookup with Deontay Burnett (POISE)

Who stands out from the Jets?

Brian Cashman puts in some work throughout the game

Trenton Cannon fumbles a punt return - furthering the question on why did we let Andre Roberts walk

Polite (not a P - just our 3rd round picks last night) Jagdish Polite does absolutely nothing

The "sybian" Trevor Siemien out plays Eli

Daniel Jones breaks his leg

Our corner backs are absolute trash as the 3rd string QB/Daniel Jones on the Giants is able to pick us apart

Chuma Chabba Cheeva Edoga - the rookie holds his own very well at tackle

Leonard WIlliams, injured

Patience - let Bell get some carries. Let Darnold do some stuff.

Poise- How do our corner backs looks. Are they out of their element

Power - Run the ball. Lets get some confidence against that excuse of a defense the Giants have cultivated. Let see how we do in the trenches

Pain - dont hurt me, Jets. Please.

Final Score:

Jets 31

Giants 13

Master Pios Master Plan

See ya, energy

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