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Pios Mock Draft 2.1

Welcome to Pios 2019 1st round mock draft where were done with the mock draft draft copies of mocked mock drafts... No Mockeries and no hard feelings.

Last week I gave you a little preview of whats to come:

And this week were getting down to the brass tacts as I trom-bone your brain.

The Picks:

i think the numbers next to the teams are total picks this weekend.

My picks

1.) Arizona Cardinals will hold the 1st pick and select QB Kyler Murray. Watch out though. They may sneak back into the draft using Josh "give me a 4rd rounder. anything" Rosen

2.) San Francisco 49er (I hardly know her) Edge Nick Bosa.

3.) Jets

I want Josh Allen. For the love of christ I dont want Quinnen (whose most realistic) .. But also for the love of christ and sake of the mock, I'm saying Mac trades this pick. He leverages calls from the Redskins and trades this pick to the Giants. Using format from his trade down with colts from last year.

The Giants Select QB Dwayne Haskins. Gettleman pulls the new culture card with his new QB and sends the Jets the 6th pick, 37th pick, and next years 1st and 4th round. To double down next yr/save his job for another fuckin year he includes this yrs Saints 3rd rounder and our 6th rouder. got it? Good.

4.) Raiders are pumped to get Quinnen Williams

5.) Bucanners - Devin White

6.) Jets - Mac drinks his 8th cup of lukewarm coffee and drafts DT Ed Oliver. He is fired by week 4 and our new GM reaps the future picks/Darnold. I dream about his demise and firing in my dream scenarios.

7.) Jags - OT Jawaan Taylor

8.) Lions - Edge Josh Allen

9.) Bills - DL Rashan Gary cause fuck you Bills

10.) Broncos - ILB Devin Bush. Packers refuse to trade up.

11.) Bengals - Hahhaha (QB Drew Lock)

12. ) Packers - Give Rodgers some help and draft TE TJ Hockenson. Who cares about Jimmy Graham anymore

13.) Dolphins - DT Christian Wilkins

14.) Falcons - theyre thrilled to better protect Matt Ryan. OT Jonah Williams

15.) Redskins - EDGE Brian Burns.

16.) Panthers - OG Cody Ford

17.) Giants trade this pick to Kansas City who gets back into the 1st round to draft Alabama RB Josh Jacobs. Kansas city gives 1 of their 2 second rounders and their 4th/5th rounders. Also gives Giants a 2020 2nd round pick. The Chiefs can replace Hunt and bring immediate support to Mahomes

18.) Vikings - OT Andre Dillard

19.) Titans - EDGE Clelin Ferrel

20.) Steelers - CB Greedy Williams

21.) Seahawks - Just resigned Russel. They give him a new TE in Noah Fants

22.) Ravens - They trade this pick to the Packers who move up in the draft. The Packers give the Ravens their 2020 1st Rounder and then their 4th round pick from Washington. Packers end up with 3 picks in 1st round. With this 2nd pick PACKERs continue the help and select WR Marquise Brown

23.) Texans - CB Deandre Baker

24.) Raiders - continue building on Defense. Take the risk with EDGE Montez Sweat

25.) Eagles - G Chris Lindstrom

26.) Colts trade this to the Raiders. Raiders jump up one to complete their defense uhaul. They switch first round picks and 2nd round picks. Raiders also include 7th round pick and select CB Byron Murphy

27.) Colts - WR DK Metcalf

28.) Chargers - DL Jerry Tillery

29.) Seahawks - S Johnathon Abram

30.) Packers - OL Garret Bradbury

31.) Rams - C Erik McCoy

32.) Patriots - C Elgeton Jenkins

I'd say tune in tomorrwo and the rest of the weekend for the full extensive coverage of the entire draft.. but lets be real. no chance Im doing that.

Some things to look out for:

Josh Rosen is traded over the weekend.

Redskins trade up in 2nd round and get Will Grier

Daniel Jones gets drafted by the Chargers/Pats/Packers who trade up in the 2nd round.

How Jets fans are gonna look end of the weekend

Great Energy


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