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Pete hits No. 46 & 47

Pete Alonso hit dinger number 46 last night on the ninth pitch of the ball game from Diamondbacks starter Merrill Kelly, passing Mike Trout and making the Polar Bear the undisputed and untied MLB Home Run leader.

It didn't take long to add to his lead, as he put number 47 in the left field seats in the 5th inning. All of this to back up an 7 IP 1 R 11 K night for deGrom and give the Mets a 3-1 victory.

The Mets haven't had a 47 home run hitter since ever. So we've got that going for us, which is nice. But the real mark that we want Pete to chase is 53. Aaron Judge hit 52 home runs as a rookie in 2017 which set the record, and it would be oh so sweet if Pete can dethrone the cross town rival by hitting 53.

It's really all we have got left this season now that Wilson Ramos hit streak is over (finished at 26 games including 3 pinch hits to keep it alive (thanks Mick)).

We sit 4 games back of the second wild card spot with 19 games to go. It's not impossible but anyone who has watched this team knows that we have about a .0001% chance of getting there and a .000000001% chance of doing any actual damage in the playoffs.

Making the playoffs would be awesome if only for the experience it would give guys like Polar Bear and Squirrel. But outside of us making an insane September run to get that last wild card spot, we really just have Pete and his chase to 53.

We do also have a chance to see deGrom win back-to-back Cy Youngs, but with a 9-8 record thanks to the abysmal Mets run support, his chances are slim to none when you look at the numbers on guys like Hyu-Flung Poo I mean Hyun-Jin Ryu or Max Scherzer.

Even if this year has been absolute torture from start to finish, Pete has been the opposite. Thank God for Pete and I hope he hits 53 not for me, not for you, but for himself. God knows guys like Pete, Jeff, and Jake deserve every good thing they have coming to them for having to put up with the incompetence of everyone else in this organization.

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