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One observation for Jets day 1 minicamp

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Buy low baby. Buy low.

"What gets your nipples hard in this universe, master Pio?"

First day of mandatory training camp in the books yesterday. Lets sum it up

Bell was in attendance and loud on the sidelines. Standing right next to the QBs, listening to the play calls comin in, him and Sam were actively speaking, actively sniffing ass.

Sam has a few hiccups but all in all was looking mobile and fluid enough to get the high praise from his new RB.

The big baby quinnen hurt his calf which is kinda ironic because in a sense of things hes just a young calf.

It was loud on both sides of the ball.

Sounds like the boys are flying around out there.

Good stuff.

Bell didnt show up overweight. Him and Gase werent awkwardly apart all practice as they seemed pretty in sync with on and off the field communication. Even Christopher "walken" Johnson was seen shaking hands with Bell and moving around the field.

Great Energy

Defense showed up and played way better than the offense, which is no surprise. Its actually something i think ive heard every offseason with the Jets. We suck. Buy low baby.

All in all it seems our boys are happy to be out on the field. Bell even talked about being appreciative of so. He wants to reclaim the best running back throne - sounding apparently edged that people have forgotten about him. What does all this mean? Probably a week 3 injury

The tone of the year is buy low. For instance our main man-ish. The guy has bootstrapped himself to getting across some solid content:

People underestimate us... Theyre underestimating Manish. And most alarmingly, underestimating CSB.

Buy low baby. Buy low

And how about this

Dont say you heard it here first. But you heard it here first.

Buy low before its too late.

P - P - P - P - P - P


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