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Official 2020 "i have nothing better to do" Mock Draft

The no funny business mock draft of 2020 where if you pay close enough attention, you might learn something.

i've written out like 291 of these. But this is the one

1. Bengals do take QB Joe Burrow . he has 0 fun facts. fascinating. would love to get the attendance record for his birthday partys

2. Redskins - DL Chase Young. Ron Rivera will scream on video chat "its called stick it and pick it"

3. Lions- CB Jeff Okudah - jammed his left hand pinky in high school. its been deformed since. and ive used that same excuse .. with my penis and a hot tub jet

4. Giants - SOMETHING Isaiah Simmons - he stinks

5. Dolphins - QB Tua T

6. Chargers - QB Justin Herbert - All American Academic.

7. Panthers - EDGE KLavon Chaisson - he showed up to a LSU football camp with a friend. LSU lent him shorts/helmet/jock strap and he left with an offer

8. Cardinals - WR Henry Ruggs

9. Jags - IOL Tristan Wirfs

10. Browns - WR CeeDee Lamb - tweeted in 2016 "remember this: mayfield to lamb". and i can already hear chris collinsworth talking about it

11. Jets - LT Mehki Becton

12. Raiders - WR Jerry Jeudy - grew up playing backyard football with Lamar Jackson

13. 49er- DT Derrik Brown* - wants to pursue politics after football... the city of SF will demand him drafted. "We want to market the shit out of him. Have him headline our tech conferences and rub it in the face of the other less progressive cities...and yes theyre less progressive. cause we say so. and youll be intruding my safe space if you dont agree".

good for Brown though. His nickname at Auburn was Baby Barack. Which is better than Baby Hussein. Both top my nickname. baby penis

14. Bucs - RT Jedrik Willis

15. Broncos - LT Andrew Thomas - played percussion in his high school band

16. Falcons - DT Javon Kinlaw

17. Cowboys - CB CJ Henderson

18. Dolphins - MLB Kenneth Murray - gave CPR on someone dead.. on the field. after he tackled them.

19. Raiders - S Antoine Winfield

20. Jags - DE Yetur Gross-Matos - nothing fun about his brother getting struck by lightning / or his dad drowning. But a lot of fun for Jag front office ridding of Ngakaka

21. Eagles - WR Justin Jefferson - 4 tds in first half of peach bowl

22. Vikings -WR Brandon Aiyuk - came from JUCO

23. Pats - DE AJ Espeniosa

24. Saints - MLB Patrick Queen - played varsity baseball as an 8th grader. Was a pinch runner

25. Vikings - CB Jaylon Johnson - Had D1 interest at basketball

26. Fins - S Xavier McKinney - he writes messages on his pants. football pants. before games. stuff like : dont forget to call grandma after . or, get 2% milk

27. Seahawks - CB Jeff Gladney

28. Ravens - IOL Cesar Ruiz

29. Titans - DT Ross Blacklock - father coached Harlem Globetrotters . Bet his sack celebrations are gonna be insane

30. Packers - WR Denzyl Mims - only wide reciever in 2020 class taller than 6 ft to run a sub 4.4 40yd

31. 49ers - CB AJ Terrell - sociology major. him and sherman talk about class warfare while making billions of dollars

32. Chiefs - RT Isiah Wilson - he loves Spongebob

No runnings backs in the 1st round

*the mocker in me wants to settle something:

javon kinlaw vs derrik brown for the 9ers. Although Javon is more like DeForest - they prefer the other route with the guy whose more fundamental and polished. fundamentally polished. how every you put it, they arent paying deforest.

** mockee in me also smells a lot of smoke is in the air. Patriots trade down to a top 5 pick. snag Justin Herbert

Your mocker,


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