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Little Hi Little Low Little Hey Little Ho football fans. It's Saturday morning and I am here to bring you some LIVE action NCAA Football picks for today's games. Take em, Fade em, Put them in your shoe for good luck. Do what you want with them. Once I hit send, these picks are yours.

I'm going to keep it short and sweet today so you can grab the picks and go. HOME team in caps.

Now without further Freddy Adu, let's start pickin.

(To be listened to while reading)

Arkansas State vs. GEORGIA (-32.5)... Over/Under 58.5

I'm riding Georgia til she bucks. I've said they are the best team in the land all season and that doesn't stop because big bad Arkansas State is coming to town.

Pick: Georgia -32.5

Final Score: Georgia 56 - Ark State 7


Oklahoma State (-14) vs. TULSA... Over/Under 64

By now I'm sure you have heard about the passing of famous billionaire / OK State booster T. Boone Pickens. Not only was T. Boone Pickens a billionaire, but his name was god damn T. Boone Pickens. Doesn't get much more Southern Football Corn n Grits than that. I'm buying the posthumous push and riding the Cowboys to honor T. Boone and takedown instate "rival" Tulsa.

Pick: Oklahoma State -14

Final Score: OK State 35 - Tulsa 16


Arizona State vs. MICHIGAN STATE (-15)... Over/Under 42

Arizona State lost N'Keal Harry but they didn't lose Herm Big Werm Edwards. I like ASU to potentially win this outright but will take the points and ride off into the Sun(set) with the Devils. Plus with an o/u that low, I don't trust giving that many points.

Pick: Arizona State +15

Final Score: Arizona State 24 - Michigan State 27 (OT)

(Bonus Over pick based on that final score prediction, but I'm saving my overs for later. Aka right now.)


Kent State vs. AUBURN (-35.5)... Over/Under 53.5

Auburn is another team I historically love early in the season to go 6-0 or 7-0 and then have it come crashing down with losses to the likes of Alabama, LSU, Georgia, etc and wind up somewhere around 8-2 playing in the Citrus Bowl. Today I think they run up the score on Kent State, probably scoring a couple of defensive/special teams touchdowns to put the cherry on top. A lot of points to give away, so I'm going to put my money down in the hopes Kent State can muster a touchdown or two and push the over... well, over.

Pick: Over 53.5

Final Score: Auburn 47 - Kent State 14


Clemson (-27.5) vs. SYRACUSE... Over/Under 64

Lot of talk about the 2017 game where Syracuse upset Clemson outright in the Carrier Dome. Fuck that game this is an entirely different unit for the Tigers. A lot of people talking about the death of a super old fan of Syracuse. Like 103 years old or something. He probably has been dead for years and this is just a fake news story to gas up the Orangeman. I'll give away 4 TDs and hope Trevor Lawrence throws for 8.

Pick: Clemson -27.5

Final Score: Clemson 63 - Syracuse 22


Oklahoma (-22.5) vs. UCLA... Over/Under 72

Chip Kelly's team in Los Angeles stinks. Oklahoma has looked great yet again. Hurts is going to compete for the Heisman and it will be on the back of days like today. 24-25 379 Yards 5 TD 0 INT and he'll run one in as well. Chip will set a fast pace so I'm banking on a lottttt of scoring.

Pick: Over 72

Final Score: Oklahoma 48 - UCLA 28


Texas Tech (-2) vs. ARIZONA... Over/Under 75

The Rrrrrrraiders. The Red Rrrrrraiders. It will be a raid of offense in Tucson as both teams like to light up the scoreboard. Newly hired offensive Assistant John Marinelli by way of Greenwich High School should get Arizona's offense going early and often. Fuck defense, Fuck field goals, tonight it's all about the tuddys.

Pick: Over 75

Final Score: Texas Tech 49 - Arizona 42




Oklahoma State -14

Arizona State +15

Kent State/AUBURN Over 53.5

Clemson -27.5

Oklahoma/UCLA Over 72

Texas Tech/ARIZONA Over 75

7 Picks. 7 Little chipmunks swinging on a branch, eating lots of sunflowers on my uncle's ranch. You know that old wives tale. 7 is the number.

Go Mud Dogs!

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