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Whats going to happen?

Quinnen Williams. #3

Memphis traded Mike Conleast yesterday, clearing up a need for Ja Morant "Not Durant" . Meaning I doubt they trade that to the Pels who would love pairing RJ and Zion.

So barring a Pelicans trade for the #2 to pair up witht he #1 selection in tonights NBA draft, the Knicks, picking 3rd, are likely to select RJ Barrett out of Duke.

"Are you all in, Pio"

You know I am.

Although Zion "Toothless from How to Train your Dragon" WIlliamson

isnt going to be a knick. thats ok

At the begnning of the year, RJ was the #1 prospect coming into the NBA.. Obviously Zion did Zion things and he deserves to go 1. My qualm isnt with you, Zion, its with The Pelicans/ NBA owned Pelicans not deserving that #1 spot.. but i digress.

I'll take RJ. I'll take RJ-any-day. He wants to be a new yorker, the guy set a record for points by a freshman in the ACC.. a record that has been in place for nearly 30 years. He put up trip doubles with cheese. Doub Doubs with a chocolate milk. Hes got the size

19 years old, standing tall at 6 7, averaging 22 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists.... Im glad to convince myself to love this guy.

Some other justifiTAKEcions?

He can speak french and his godfather is Steve Nash. And although i grew up hating and still hate French, I do love Steve Nash.

I dont like RJ's 30% from three point nor his 66% from free throws. I also hate his jumper. BUt, hey. Beggers cant be choosers. only Shmoozers. And I can convince myself to look past it all.

Can you?

Okay energy

Thursday + RJ


better energy tonight.


Fuck you Pelicans and your second first overall draft pick in 8 years. We havent had one in 30+ years. Dont mistake my good energy for a weakness, NBA. Just cause the Knicks can sell out MSG every night, doesnt mean you gotta help the Cans' with their Can(t) do attitude.

I do love that we rejected the Chris Paul trade. Thats a good show of faith. Good show of direction.

Am i still going? You bet your ass.

But what else can you do when all you got is good energy and an uncomfortable pillow keeping you sane.

Love you all.

Energize me


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