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Monday Night Football Special

Did you hear what Master Pio said?

Come on and get Ready!

I said Get Ready!

Come on and get READY!


Come on and get Ready!

Are you Ready?

Let's get ready!

I said get ready!

Are ready for some foooooooooooooooooootballlllllllllllllllllllllll

It's a Monday Night Party at MetLife as the winless and hopeless Browns take on the winless, hopeless and quarterbackless Jets. A lot of less and I'll give you one more. Pointsless. These teams can't score and we can argue until we're Blue in the face about who to take and why.

But that's not what Blue would want. He'd say forget the spread, take the under. Under 45.5. I said 45.5, not 45. 45.5. Buy it up if ya gotta.

Now get ready...


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