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Mocked 2.0

After some feelers and fliers heres my 2nd mock of what my first official 2020 NFL Mock draft will look like

1. Bengals - have to choose Joe Burrow

2. Redskins - Ron Rivera = defense. itd be amateur hour by a coach whose been to a super bowl to toss away everything and throw in his cards right now with a "his guy" QB. they have Haskins and rivera will do a classic - let me try this guy out for a yr/2, then draft my guy. a swindle on snyder (the snyder swindle) for at least 4 years of job protection

3. Lions - i originally had them trading back to the raiders - but I think they stay. I think Matt Patricia wants to hold onto Stafford and ultimately none of the offers are juicy enough to pass on CB Okudah outta Ohio State. Ok, Duh, says Matt Patricia

4. Here comes some juice. The Giants wanted Jeff Okudahaha - but it doesnt happen for them. So they trade back because of the OL depth in this draft class. And its the Raiders who jump the gun ahead of the Chargers. They give up both 1st rounders in this years draft (12th and 19th) and next years 3rd .. the Giants include their 2nd rounder this year.

The Raiders draft Tua

5. The fins dont get Tua. But thats ok. I still mock them to sign Rivers. They take obvious bust Isiah Simmons from Clemson. Want to get speedy on d

6. The Chargers are Herbet

7. Panthers are on the clock and love Wilkis from Bama. Unfortunately tho they just traded for a tackle - even if they gave up a guard. But who cares, Matt Rhule wants flashy and gets too horny for WR Jerry Jeudy.

8. Cardinals are on the clock and still want speed. After that 40 time - kinsburg a kinsman and chooses Ruggs. back to back alabama WR. what?

9. The Jags are happy to take a DT Derrick Brown from Auburn. Someone i still no nothing about

10. the Browns are the first to take a lineman - and they lik the big boy Wirfs from Iowa. THey love that midwestern feel

11. which makes it so beautiful and i swear im fully erect typing this - We get OT outta Alabama, Jedrick Willis. Hes pissed he slipped and wasnt even the first linemna off the board. HOF career.

12. The Giants are here and love Andrew Thomas OL

13. The Colts draft CeeDee Lamb

14. Bucs go defensive with KChasiion Kalvaon chaison. Ill never know how to splel that name. Edge rusher from clemson

15. Broncos need secondary and take best athlete availble Xavier Mckinley from Bama

16. Falcons need everything and with a lot on the board - theyre sweating and settle with the big boy Mekhti from Louisville

17. The Cowgirls are so lucky that there is so much defensive backs available... they take CJ Henderson from Florida

18. the dolphins are back on the board and splash big tim with Jonathon Taylor RB outtta Wisco

19. It was the raiders picks but its now the Giants. they already got an O lineman, and go to defensive back . They like Trevon Diggs outta bama. No reunion in Minnesota for the diggs family

20. Jags are here again but TRADE it to the hungry NYJ who jump back into the first round. Douglas is a fiesty man who shows no mercy. He wants a day 1 defensive back. He drafts LSU CB Kristian Fulton. Shows some love to Jamal Adams with an LSU dog. . He sends both 3rd round picks with next years 2nd and 4th. I couldnt be more erect

21. the Eagles should go Oline - but they go with WR Tee Higgins from Clemson

22. the Bills take that edge rusher AJ Espinoza

23. the pats help the defensive with ILB Kenneth Murray

24. Saints are on and they choose the edge rusher Gross - Matos out of penn state. I dk. Just felt right

25. Minnesota always wants a new secondary. And they should draft Oline. But because its a mock - this time around theyre going with the safety from LSU. Grant Depit

26. its Miami time again - they go for best available with Javon Kinlaw DL outta south carolina

27.Seattle wanted Kinlaw - but theyre more than happy with LB Patrik Queen outa LSU

28. Ravens select Josh Jones from Houston

29.Titans take Ross Blacklock from TCU. No i didnt say what you think you read. Sicko

30 . The Packers take Lavishka WR from colorado

31. 49ers add to the sloppy backfield . And its not. abad thing at all because they choose DeAndrew Swift from Georgia

32. The Chiefs choose Bryce Hall from Virginia. CB. he just sounds like the guy from the school that would be the last pick in the 1st round.

keep tunes. another mock another day

no. imnot mocking you


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