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Mock of the Mock 1.0

Supermole is done so welcome the ONseason for master Pio. Time for hope and for unwarrnted opinions and takes -- but more importantly, it's time for me to mock my own upcoming mock of the 2020 NFL Draft

1- Cincinatti bengals will be drafting QB Joe Burrow. As much as im pulling for a Bengals move and drfting Chase Young. Its just not gonna happen. Dalton has 1 year left on his contract. If anything the Bengals will draft Joe, say Dalton is still their starting Qb, and ruin Joes life

2. Washington Redskins - DE Chase Young. Its Ron Rivera, who drafted like all dlinemen in Carolina. They ranked 2nd to the Jets in this remarkable category. But no chance that guy doesnt draft Young

3. Detroit Lions - The Lions arent trading away Stafford, and theyll actually be able to switch up from that Detroit curse theyve been so accustomed to. No they arent drafting anyone - in fact theyll be trading this pick to the Raiders who make a move to get their guy before Vegas

3. Vegas Raiders - Yeah. Its fun to type in Vegas. Gruden hates Derek Carr, drafts Tua. They send this and next years 1st and like a 3rd and 4th for the pick.

4. New York Giants - Dont know why everyone has them taking a cornerback. They traded back into the 1st round last year to draft one. Theyre taking Jedrik Willis from Alabama to protect Daniel Jones, help Barkley and change the dynamic behind this teams gameplan.

5. Miami Dolphins - Sat on their thumbs hoping Tua wouldve slipped to them. As a Jets fan, I pray they draft Herbert or whatever his name is. But they dont. They take a flier on Rivers or something and draft OLB Isaih Simmons from Clemson. They have 5 picks in the first 2 rounds and use it on a guy who could be something special (he wont be)

6. LA Chargers - Herbert. QB out of Oregon. Hes just meant to be a Charger

7. Carolina Panthers - Jeff Okudah CB. Matt Rhule brings in a cornerback because theres no immediate replacement to Kuechly. So may as well help from the top down. Top down baby.

8. Cardinals - They just signed an OT and theyre looking for playmakers. Henry Ruggs WR out of Alabama. Some more playmakers for that offense

9. Jaguars - Derrik Brown DT Auburn is a good match for a team with a serious outside rusher in Josh Allen. This helps the run defense and its a steal for the team with a guy that couldve been top 5. Even if ive never heard of him

10. Brown - Mekhi Becton - OT Lousiville. Massive man at left tackle. Easy choice if hes available.

11. Jets - We get back to the fundamentals. And nothing more fun than the ground and pound. Josh Jones - OT Houston. Left tackle - and as much as Wirfs seems like the right guy, we need the left side addressed first. Drafting an OLineman will be awesome yet terrible. Because the amount of expectations this kid will face should be illegal.

12. Raiders trade this pick to the Lions and the Lions select Tristan Wirfs OT from Iowa. Nothing complicated. Dont overthink it.

13. Indy Colts - WR CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma. Maybe they get Teddy, or maybe they keep Jacobi. But bottom line, they need WRs. They need a more dynamic offense. This would be awesome for everything Colts fan.

14. Tampa Bay Bucs - DT Javon Kinlaw - South Carolina. Helps bolster the D. Theyre losing a lot of their dlineman this offseason

15. Broncos - CJ Henderson CB Florida - Bronco move

16. The Jets with a huge splash and get back into the first round. Trade away their 2nd and idk some other stuff and woo the Falcons into getting this pick. With this pick the Jets select Jerry Jeudy outta Alabama and all of a sudden things are getting interesting. Falcons are in total rebuild mood. They do this because they get another 2nd round pick and a future first.

....BUT truth is, they definitely switch spots with the Dolphins who have the 18th pick and they also get another one of the Dolphins picks in the 2nd round. They also get a 5th, give up a 3rd and get next years 2nd . Either way 16 is going to Jerry Jeudy. Mark my words

17. Dallas - They focus resigining the offense and disregard the defense with big money. Which is why they draft the Safety Xavier McKinney out of Alabama

18. Atlana Falcons have this pick now and truth is they need help basically everywhere. But they settle with a high risk pick in Chaisson from LSU. Hope that the speed and athletisicm transfers and gives a jump start to the defense.

19. Back to the Raiders - they just drafted a QB, now they want to get him excited with Tee Higgins, WR from Clemson . They flirted with getting Tackle Thomas outta Georgia, Tackle Thomas. FUnny name right? But yeah they chose Tee Higgins and pair up a fundamental WR with Waller and Jacobs. Now this offense is primed and ready for Vegas.

20. Jags - They have this pick from the Rams and select Kenneth Murray MLB from Oklahoma to replace the Telvin Smith sudden departure from last eyar. Now they have a leader in the middle. A big boy at DT and let Josh Allen fly loose.

21. Philly - They draft the tackle thomas. Because its just a solid move and they need some youth in that offensive line

22. Buffalo Bills - DE Aj Espinesa. Just a move for the Bills to keep them right where i like them. Frustratingly good defensive line, everything else, eh.

23. Pats - Dandre Swift. RB. Shit. That would cause some really be fucked up

24. New Orleans Saints - Laviska Shenault WR Colorado. Give some explosiveness next to Michael Thomas. Really leave it all out there

25. Minnesota Vikings - Austin Jackson OT USC. They want one of those cornerbacks - but have to help the offense - more importantly the offensive line

26. The Dolphins final pick in the first round. They got speed with Jeudy and Simmons - and they choose cornerback Trevon Diggs from Alabama.

27. Seahawks - Pass rush is important - as is their Oline - but for now, AJ Terrell from Clemson.

28. Ravens trade this pick to the Jets. Because the Jets didnt get Jeudy - they trade up here and select Michigans center - Cesar Ruiz. Its like the 2006 draft all over again

29. Titans select ILB Patrick Queen from LSU. its too much pressure to not chose it. I think. at this point i could be throwing out fake names

30. Packers with this pick and they need to desperately help Rodgers. They select WR Justin Jefferson from LSU. Pair him next to Davonte.

31. The 49ers respect the uwritten code and draft safety Antoine Winfield Jr. Son of the safety back in the 90s - the 49ers want to help their backfield with this ball hawk

32. KC Chiefs - wait they won the superbowl?


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