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Mock Mock Draft

*for the NY Jets.


I'm moonlighting over here just to make ends meets in todays economy. So i'm narrowing my good energy to a team with my most trusted sources. No bias... I keep a dilated approach to the landscape like my coworkers eyes after one stuffy toot.

Without further ado, my 2019 mock mock draft:

New York Jets

1st round:

Were gonna trade up for Quinnen Williams. This will total 15 first round defensive linemen selections for the NY Jets over the last 10 years.

Were trading every pick we got to land Quinnen 2nd overall. And I got about 90% confidence ill be saying this next week.


And thats it.

Master Pio's New York Jets mock mock 2019 NFL draft.

This way if he turns out like aaron donald, I can say I told you so. If he turns into some cupcake 19 year kid of a bust, I can also say I told you so.



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