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Manish Hit Piece 2.0

HEY Maccagnan. This is really directed at you. But I know the best way to get to the king is attack its favorite chew toy.

Was this written out and ready to post days leading up? You posted this at 8:48 PM. What was that? 5 minutes after the Jets choice of Alabama DL Quinnen Williams ?

*im a man of transparency. i own my very word. this is a editors reedit cause I see Manish changed the time in his article to 8am this morning...

.which doesnt change the fact that.....

Someone mustve gotten their free jersey.

Honestly the only valid point from the article was:

"a selection that we’ve become accustomed to from this general manager."

Because how many times have we seen the Maccagnan hype for the hands down, consensus number 1? How many times has Maccagnan opted in for the favorable knee jerk reactions?

But then you had to go and piss me off Manish... Click-baiting your article two more times with different tweets throughout the night.. you coward

(And I'm being told Maccagnans gonna pour hummus down your pants and spank you. )

Wheres the pressure? How did Mac get the opportunity to step back and shift to park from neutral? How is he not held to a higher standard by now? And When did Manish get his jersey?

Tonight opportunity presented itself when every cornerback was still available and the Seahawks had back to back late 1st rd (29,30) picks an obvious intention to trade. But It was the Giants who made the move and immediately drafted Georgia corner - DeAndre Baker. Who is 21. 2 months older than precious Quinnen "Queefin" Williams.

Last time i checked we could've used a cornerback, Mac. Or you want me to wait for Derrick Jones or Jeremy Clark? Is Juston Burris magically coming back? Dee Milliner? Or maybe were expected to rely on Darryl Roberts?

.....did Manish get his jersey?

And dont give me the parting with draft picks talk. Your mid round drafting abilities stink and your 2nd round abilities are worst of all. I may as wel call you numero 2 cause every year in the second round you drop a deuce Maybe you have a rule: no first round pick #20+ after whats happened to Darron Lee..Maybe your just afraid to jeopardize the 75% first round success rate. Maybe you decided to finaly give Manish his Jets jersey after he cleaned up your coffee sweats.


Mac should be getting criticized like a man on the verge of losing his job.. he should be acting like a general manager with nothing to lose.. A man fighting for his job with his back against the wall.

Enough with the complacency. Make a move. Be bold. Give us something.. as long as its not your messenger boy in his new jets jersey

Theres an old saying:

You can put lipstick on a pig... but its still gonna draft another interior defensive lineman

"Cram it up the cramhole" - Maccagnan

Cause and Effect


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1 Comment

Peter Klaven
Peter Klaven
Apr 26, 2019

Great stuff!

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