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Manish got bitched

Updated: May 22, 2019

Manish beta Mehta is feeling the heat and looking like the crazy ex after an apparent scathing by the New York Jets not giving him a free jersey.


THe fucking Karate kid?! Thats tough Manish.

For those not familiar -- over the last few years, Manish Mehta "the feta of cheese", has been a New York Jets beat reporter for the NY Daily News who writes overly supportive articles for GM Mike Maccagnan in whats a pretty classic, control the narrative technique. And in a world where actions speak louder than words and coincidences are like assholes:

And the infamous tire pumping article defending Mike Maccagnan which came a week before Bowles firing

I've had four yers of this after attempts on attempts of builds and rebuilds and builds and Defensive Line potentials and rebuilds...and "win now bu dont mortgage the future" talk.. I've snapped. Baba Manish ganeshs colors are showing like a baboons ass and its about time we get some real gut talk going.

So I took to the streets to ask the hard hitters. And no Jets fans, actually nobody besides Manish believes NY Jets GM Mike Maccagnan has done enough to deserve this 8th shot as general manager.

From over paying an old team in 2015 with the Revis storyline, to reaching and drafting Christian Hackenberg in the 2nd round, Maccagnan has had more seasons with $60mil in cap space and a top 6 draft pick than I've got tits.


And were all a little salty about not getting free jerseys - but imagine bending over and selling out which these justifiTAKEions over the years:

"Scouting chops"?

2015 1st round pick #6 Leonard Williams fell to us and has hardly played up to expectations. Darron Lee, Macs first ever pick is now rumored out from the teams future plans. Darnold / Adams were products of easy positions cause of shitty rosters. I still love them - but that isnt Maccagnans miracle worker as a scout genius. Chris Herndon is really it so far. Here are some that arent:

olb lorenzo "darth"maulden (rd 3 2015)

wr Devin Smith (rd 2 2015)

wr Ardarious stewart (rd 3 2017)

QB Christian hack (rd 2. 2016)

Im just saying Mac. Ya suck. You shoudlve kept Teddy and drafted Quenton Nelson. Then you wouldve had more draft capital/reason to have made a trade for Khalil Mack you coward. Or Maybe notve stunk worse than Todd Bowles bowel movements...Or maybe just fired yourself after caving to Fitzpatrick.

But you just had to go and break Manishs heart Maccagnan.

and when we get interns well get that edited so mr miyogi is gonna be GM mac while the enemy is manish and the crowd cimini . #ciminion

Look at him. Brokenhearted and confused he cant help but take to sub-tweeting.

This draft is big for the Jets. Honestly fuck Mac at this point. I'm just hoping we trade up for Quinnen Williams.

Look out for my mock mock draft

(ps this articles been updated as of today 5/22 for seo exploratory planetary reasons) (im still figuring this sht out)



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