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Maccagnan on the way out?

Good fucking riddance.

In my last blog we saw the hard evidence of Manish finally getting that comp'd Jets jersey.. We all now hes back to frothing Macs morning milk.

But I also made a point that seemingly started a wildfire throughout the NFL... Maccagnan cannot continue with these free passes... he cant sit so complacent and act like theese top 6 1st rd, walk in the New Jersey Meadowlands picks, are enough to warrant job security. Mac should be judged on the same level that Bowles, Fitzpatrick, Revis, Wilkerson, etc have been.. If not more.

"If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, drinks coffee like a duck -- its gonna draft another interior defense lineman"

Since we drafted Darnold last year - Mac has drafted 3 defensive lineman - Nathan Shepherd, Foley Fatukasi, and now Quinnen Williams. He also traded one of those picks to acquire Henry Anderson. Meaning 4 picks since Darnold has gone to our defensive line. I swear you draft another and im strapping dynamite to my chest and running to Metlife.

Cause if Mac hadnt fucked everything up with Harrison/Wilkerson/Richardson and/or struggled with half his picks never seeing the end of their rookie contracts -- I get it. But it's been so repetitive and mundane. A revolving justifiTAKEcion door of our defensive lines potential.

Get your money big soft Q-tip.

"The only thing gap he can clog is an ear"

Honestly who didnt see the Quinnen pick happening

We couldve switched things up with an edge rusher in Josh Allen.. or aggressively trade into the late 1st round to capitalize on a cornerback like DeAndre Baker... We couldve acted like a team with nothing to lose. A team desperate for dogs and wins.

But when Mac shoots himself in the foot with comments like this:

Dont expect me to believe this:

No teams are gonna take trading with you seriously .. and they sure as hell arent giving you any future 1st round picks. Ya set yourself up for failure with that quote Mac.. and its why nothing happened with that 3rd overall pick.. It cause actual GMs finesse you harder than cheese at the Cheesecake Factory.


"Mac, Mac. Pio here. CSB.

What cup of coffee are you on now? Do you?

A. Drink your coffee cold?

B. put it under the keurig to top it off with some squirts

C. microwave it

D. Have manish sit on the cup"

"Mike Maccagnan. -- Pio. One of the CSB Boys.

It seems like you bought yourself another 2 years a couple months ago..

How does it feel to have your job security questioned publicly just after the first round? Pretty unprecedented to see this happen during the draft. What happened?"

You better make a splash today. Would love either OL Erik McCoy / OL Elgton Jenkins.

Would also love a move for CB Greedy Williams

And lets stop this "well at least we arent the Giants talk" energy


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