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Before i get going... am i the only one who thinks RJ Barret may be Bobby Shmurda?

Developing story?

Alright time for what all (none of you) are here for

We finally got the first W in the W column. Thats a W for win. A beautiful come from behind Bobby Portis revenge game at home. And it was all washed down with a 4th quarter where we outscored the bad guys 33-18 on what felt like a 15-0 run*. Because it was. We ended the game on a 15-0 run. The pretzels never tasted so good.

*i looked it up, it was

It was a good win. and obviously any win is a good win. its always good to win. But to win in this fashion - to come back at home, and our guys being so young having already seen 3 games end horribly this season -- im just so glad to have taken them moneyline live

But were still a long ways away with a long ways to go. And more importantly, what happened tonight, that 15-0 run to end the game, wont ever happen again.

we had 17 turnovers and shot 62% from the charity shit stain. I mean stripe. You lose those games 99.99 of the time.

But more importantly we wont be competitive, and we definitely wont be winning games if we expect this type of psychoti revenge game performance outta Bobby Portis on a daily basis. And I can say that because the only win weve hd this year is his revenge game. Because Bobby Portis wont be going 4-4 from 3 again this year. And Bobby Portis wont be +31 ever again. . And those words, you can go ahead and mark em.. Cause its more likely the Knicks lose 20 straight than Bobby making another 3 pointer in the calendar year of 2019.

So Lets continue with the realizzo

Speaking of threes: Out of the 29 we took tonight, 11 were taken by the big Fours. Yes Im talking about the four power forwards we signed in the offseason. Yes power forwards are also considered the four position. Yes I took the garbage out.

So if your not keeping count at home, that means 1/3 of our threes were taken by these guys. And Thats not gonna fly either, fiz. Alright, Fiz? YOu tell Julius Randle he gets himself 10 offensiv rebounds and he then can chuck up a three. Just gotta be winning by 34 points, The moon is crescent and you experienced no traffic that day. Also its 54 degrees and your wife left you.

It honestly doesnt matter that Julius went 0/2 from deep tonight - just like Bobby Portis and Taj Gibson shooting 3's. Im gonna expect Randle to shoot some too. Im Bringing up Randle because i gotta transition into something other than my gender. I want to talk about the big Doll Julius and a red flag. These are Randles turnovers, 1 , 6, 6, and 8.

Someone named David Fizdale needs to start holding Julius Randle accountable. Cause this number keeps growing like the blob. 8 freaking turnovers either means too much is being expected outta him, or he thinks hes the next coming of christ. And I know, i know. The season is only 4 games in. But hes averaging 5 turnovers a game and shooting 10% from three. I kNOW I KNOW - the season is young. BUT if im spending all season watching him turn the ball over more than i dont know, anything, - im going to lose it. Let a guy get some thoughts out there.

Also Not needing to, but im definitely gonna comment on, is that play against the Nets in the final 2 minutes when he falls during a timeout (about a minute before he fell again and turned the ball over) .. and on the ground he throws the ball at the referee.. Which is Not a good look for the big fella. a big Ego and Pio dont mix. Unless you Add a "n" , "e" , "r" and a "y" and get rid of the o.

Im just saying just cause Julius got paid ridicuously big, Fiz needs to drop this act. You think my takes are bad? This guys so invested on the take that hes taking it all the way to the court. Making Julius involved in everything, even the lineups. Hes shoving this in our face . The hill hes willing to die on that this was a big ticket signing. Fiz is going to extreme depths to validate this Randle signing.

Anyways, like i said season is so young. A lots gonna happen

But lets keep chipping

RJ is impressing me beyond belief with the way hes carrying himself. He just looks like he belongs with great physicality, composure and aggression. He played 40 minutes tonight, which is way too much (fiz shoving another take in our face), but you gotta think hes gonna hit a little slump soon. Shooting 50% from the field and 45% from 3 - hes gonna level out, whihc hopefully means the same for his dreadful 44% free throw shooting. Or maybe hes just a hard 40% guy. Lets all give a round of applause for the rookie and his first career double double . Lets also all take the prop for RJ being rookie of the year.

Talking points of RJ vs Zion:

a. RJ is playing right now

b. revert to point a

c. you know where this is going

Seriously though, RJ is looking great. Hes keeping us competitve and you can see guys are really starting to believe in him. Hes making everyone better.

BUt dont play him for 40 minutes. Hes just a boy

Another juicy one:

the only other teenager in NBA history to go at least 15 points/5 boards / 5 assists was Lebron James.

And thats about as good as it gets.

Franky boy got 22 minutes tonight. And Besides tonihgt hes only played once this year...3 minutes against the spurs. aaaand If your not keeping count at home, He still has 0 points on the year. yikes. BUt he was on the court for the big minutes and thats a stat better than points: seal the deal big minutes.

SO what if he was -3 +/-.

Payton was -4.. And Payton had 0 assists while Frank had 2. Because i dont care what you say you dont give up on a guy whose tossing out baguettes like these

Also with DSJ out for some time - hopefully we see Frank step up. But well probably see Wayne Ellington miss three pointers and Eldridge Payton go 3-11 and be a huge defensive liability.

Trier didnt play at all tonight which is interesting

And I havent really seen Mitchell do anything at all this year. Hes getting into early foul trouble but i bet hes gonna strike big when we least expect it.

Morris is standard but cant play 30 mins a night. Need him in betwen 20-27. Taj needs to retire.

Something i hope doesnt continue is Kevin Knox hardly seeing more than 20 minutes a game. Because Hes playing well shooting, 60p, and is 20 years younger than morris.

So while i do understand it, i dont agree with it. Fiz is trying to rock this step dad role-play by questioning Knoxs maturity, and thinking limiting him will only make him "better in the long run" But instead of getting worked up and pinching out another 8 paragraphs on why Fizdale is Todd Bowles, im putting this in the "its only 4 games into a long season" folder and calling David Fizdale an asshole.

When truthfully, im the real asshole

Here i am. On the couch late at night after work reading into any story trying to find each and every turnover Julius Randle has had this season. My eyes strained blood red as i search for 1 good video of Frank. my testicles poached from the computer radiation that im sitting in a position so uncomfortable my spine has given up its will to live. Here i am , 2 am, thinking only in Boogers voice after having heard him on ESPN for the 11th time.

Jokes on me as im the guy whose wasted his time on a team that allocates half their minutes a game to a group of assholes i think i so cleverly nicknamed the "big four".

Fuck you Fizdale


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