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Joe(l) Douglas


Just a classic mixup in the API's at the ol google brain trust. Dont worry. Pios already sent 18 threatening emails. That is the right photo though of our new dude.

Over the weekend The New York Jets concluded their search for a new General Manager. After a long pursuit, weve announced former Philly Eagles exec, Joe Douglas, born 1977, outta Mechanicsville, VA.

And exactly my point. Hell yeah he was born in a town called mechanisville. The guy is a mechanic through and through, Joes father was a mechanic and his granfather a mechanic. Spoon fed with oil and grease, Joe has the ability to build from the ground up already instiled in his DNA. From understanding what makes a well oiled engine purr, Joe knows the meaning of sowing his oats, clocking in at sunrise, and getting a little dirt under the nails. He spray paints every collar blue and shaves his head with sand paper.

Most importantly, Joe was an Offensive Lineman in college. And Thats the type of shatistic im looking for and telling you all to remember. Not that hes been in the building for 3 superbowl titles, whose he learned from, or how long he's been in the league. This guy gets it.

Fun Fact: Adam Gase, Sam Darnold, and Joe Douglas all have the same agent. Meaning in a few years when Sam gets extended, Joe theoretically will be negotiating against his own agent. What does tht mean? Absolutely nothing!

Buy medium-to-low if you hhavent bought low already.

Scale Ten out of Tenergy


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