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Unless you werent aware.. or cared more about the releasing of another document -- the NFL has released their 2020 season schedule.


Dont check me on this. Or check me. I dont care. But the Jets definitely have the shortest traveling distance this year.. 6,000 and some change in miles.

The farthest out west theyre going is shithole green spaghetti monster Cincinnati while the farthest south being Florida which should only be once cause its back to back games against JAX/Miami. Im just saying if theyre smart theyll stay in Florida week8-9 to acclimate like a tiger oscar in a northeastern fish tank.. but in reverse. See the tiger oscar cichlid is a tropical south american fresh water fish. And you gotta acclimate that fish to the northern temperature and PH levels. Your welcome.

The average weather differences between Miami, FL and New York over November. Its 20 degrees and a whole 10 points more humidity. I used points cause I dont know how we grade humidity. Your welcome.

Reason I care? Honestly check me again or dont check me at all -- but for the better half of the decade/forever, the Jets play in Miami during weeks 1-4 when temps are piping. And we usually lose that game probably for reasons being were the Jets. But im sure the heat plays a factor.

It'll be Gase's grand return to Miami and while I'm sure no one in Miami remembers Gase/or cares, Im going to care. And although i dont wanna toss any justifiTAKEcions about the humidity difference. I will.


New England and Philly are going to be tough ones on the road. But they're week 3 and week 5 with a bye in between meaning conditions should be fall and crispy. Which I will gladly take. Ill also take Cincinatti and Miami/Jax as our farthest road trips. Those are like shitty field trips where we can ideally leave Gase behind at any of those shit holes.

Baltimore is gonna be one to keep an eye as CJs return week 15 thursday night..but ill take it. This schedule is not bad at all. And the best, most telling of all? We have a home game against the Giants. Bringing me to my exact point. A segway to this segway


The real New York team will be defending Metlifes home field on November 10th.

The Jets by all accounts have had a greater offseason than the Giants. And thats going to translate to a better season. Works like clockwork and you cant argue cold hard facts.

What has happened? Well If youre too busy looking under rocks for Russian spies

The Giants refused to pay Odell and then signed/resigned two slot receivers more than they wouldve for Odell. They also let their best defensive player walk in free agency to joke rival Washington. Even recommitted on the Eli talk.

But at least they got jabril peppers.

The Jets on the other hand held a wild jersey release party, which by all reports have indicated it being the coachella of jersey releases. They got a new coach and picked up a couple dawgs in free agency.

We didnt over pay to get Leveon "The" Bell "Tolls For Thee"

And even if we slightly overpaid for a middle linebacker who has rendered GM scouting wiz Fat Cat Macs' first ever draft pick useless. Im cool with it. Mosley can mosey on in.

THe guy looks like Ed Reed. If Ed Reed ate Ed Reed

But I digress and will cease to digress if Mac was behind the Jets twitter release for their schedule.

By all accounts from sources, this schedule release was in fact the Jets the nail in the coffin, the victory lap, the bombs bursting in air which gave proof to the night that the Jets flag was still there. Its solidified the argument (if any) on which New York team had the better offseason which ipso facto equates/ is almost more valuable than a better season.

I can only give so much love. And without contradicting myself, cause I still love the idea, Im gonna go on a small tangent here because Blitz hitz true to home.

First, how many hours did those nerds spend trying to get those plays in the Jets' favor? Quitting game after game, restarting the console.. Swearing they were holding turbo when tackling while the other screaming that turbo ran out due to mismanagement.

Because collusion, interference, and overall pathetic skill level was more than obvious to your seasonally seasoned Blitz eye.

That first game against the Bills? For the love of christ - knock those receivers down at the line. Im gonna have nightmares about that poor technique.

Then against the Eagles were lining up under center? Rule #1 in Blitz: if you arent in shotgun than you may as well put a shotgun to your head. Taking a snap like that in Blitz is a suicide mission. Plus Chrebet right down the middle? Thats getting picked off 9.2/10 times. You got Keyshawn wide open on the fly.

Week 8 against the Jags we bring that weak 3 man rush while the player controlled Jet is running around like a chicken with its ass cut off. Neither that sack or the on fire was warranted.. And had the Jags QB not been some sitting shmuck - thats a 10 yard scramble. At least. AND If ive told you once ill tell you again (mainly cause ive got nothing else to do): knock those receivers down........You better keep your ass in Florida in preparation of that humidity.

Anyways were on a 3rd game rotational clip (i believe), so gameplay is Washington week 11. A classic "Da Bomb" against a "Suicide" defensive play call. But what made me more suicidal? The Redskins defenders wouldve easily caught up to Keyshawn. Obvious collusion. How bout working your thumbs at QB a little, Testaverde Salsa. Dodge a blitzer or 3 before bombing it. Ive seen it plenty. Just stop trying to think outside the box and get your head back inside the box. Show off a little. Play it cool.

Anyways that clip shouldve been against the Giants since the get-anamo bay. The redskins are a joke.

I do like what they did against the Dolphins although it will never make up for week 17s intervention and obstruction against the Bills. It was as clear as someday in May that the Blitz gods created a little last second powers for Flutie. And it was anticlimatic to say the least. Let him run it in. Stop their two point conversion.

Kinda went off the rails there. Just a little worried about the Blitz gods


Either way -- iTs the thought that counts. Its about the effort. And our nerds at 1 Jet drive put in the effort. Sure they couldve used r, r, r, a,a, left for the traditional cheat code.. but beggers cant be choosers.

Bottom line were still better than the Giants.

Better yet, at least we didnt put some last minute tv show promotion together for our schedule release.

Heres what the Giants scrapped together. Right down from corporate.

But "Eli's a pro's pro" - every1 in Giants upper management. And I cant wait to upper decker MetLife.

Jets 2019-2020 season prediction:


Great Energy. Cause and Effect.


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