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Jets Falcons (really just quinnen willliams)

We won didnt we. So listen and read closesly and cleanly. WE WON. Thats what matters alright. Thats what matters.

Its not about how we did it..., the blog i did or didnt write before, or howLeonard Williams sat out due to being the asshole of a primadonna ... no. What matters is our first team looked sharp and most importantly, Sam looks ready for the season to begin.

Did I mention Quinnen Williams? Mr. 3rd pick making a name for himself

I love it. I mean look at that fuckin raw power. That aggression. Ive never once seen Leonard exert half of this dominance over a human being.

And yeah im going to take the credit.. See in my last post i challenged him. I told Quinnen that i was looking and talking to him. Eye to eye. Man to man. Let the story unfold. Let master pio run wild with the justifiTAKEcions

I never doubted the guy. Only challenged him.

And ol' Baldy wasnt the only one who joined the bald eagle club last night



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Peter Klaven
Peter Klaven
Aug 19, 2019

Low man wins

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