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Jets Edge

Im on the edge. Edging towards insanity. Edging on a prayer.

Because the Jets cant even "set" the edge on the edge position.

We have to go waaay back in the day to find our last legitimate OLB/ edge rusher - 15 years ago when we had John Abraham. And we fucked that up BIG time.

John Jacob Sackenheimer Schmidt was the 13th overall pick in 2000. The pick right after DE Shaun Ellis.. Back to back, two great players who turned into a hell of a rush tandem - was unfortunately short lived after Ellis became the preferred /cheaper Jet Lifer due to Abrahams injury prone-ness and contract size.

In 2006, Abraham was traded away after a franchise tagged 05' season in which he had 10.5 sacks and 6 (!!) forced fumbles.

I guess they didnt want to sign both players- which exposes a major flaw of the organization that generally has ZERO plan of action whenever doing anything. You draft Ellis and Abraham back to back. How do you not think - best case scenario we sign them both!!

Anyways as is tradition - whenever i visit a position, itll open up this panadoras box of pain.

And in this senario - a sense of "history repeating itself" theres a pretty common trend towards how the Jets handle their best homegrown talent..

-We originally have that 13th overall pick for John Honest Abe after sending the Bucs All Pro WR Keyshawn Johnson. Similar to another Jet, who had 2 years on their rookie contract, - and wasnt worth breaking the bank... Anyways we bit the bait and traded him. We draft Abraham with the pick in return.

-After a "i proved it year" we dont sign John Abraham. Instead we send him to the Falcons for a 1st round pick

- We used that 1st round pick on Nick Mangold. Whom thankfully broke this trend and played his whole career in NY.. even if we treated him horribly at the end.

- Revis eventually gets traded away for a 1st round pick, Sheldon Richardson

- Just traded away Jamal Adams for a couple first round picks.

(time is a flat circle meme)

((thats not an editors note where i'll later forget to add - im just so sick of adding it))


Every once in a while, the Jets get these rare , once-in-a-lifetime players... then never do the right thing. Instead they'll let them go. So instead of keeping the plans inside the lines and controlled, The Jets choose chaos as they bounce all hopes outside and into the unknown.

The literal opposite of setting the edge.

So what wasn't good enough?

Over his 6 year span on the Jets, John Abraham accumulated 2X first-team all pro selections, three pro bowl appearances, 53.5 sacks AND 19 forced fumbles. His 53.5 sacks still being 3rd all time for the Jets six seasons...

But his injuries!

During his first 6 years with the Jets he only saw the end of 3 seasons. But when he played - he played.

Like his rookie season for example, could be considered a bizarre embodiment of his time / and possible frustrations for both sides.

He only plays 6 games in 2000 due to injuries.. Yet in those 6 games, and as a rookie mind ya--- he has 4.5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles... So while Im sure the Jets are pulling their hair going "imagine if he stays on the field all year!" .. he's pulling his hair saying "just fuckin give me a break. I'll get there. Look what im capable of!"

Cause to me that rookie seasons enough to say, screw the injuries! He dies a Jet .

But Abraham doesn't play in all 96 games, -- which wouldve been every game over his time in New York. Instead he plays in 73 games. Like a season and a half diffference.

STILL!!! 53.5 sacks (hammering this number home) in 73 games honestly makes it that much more impressive. Like that's insane. And while the Jets shouldve seen this as a positive, they didn't. Apparently it wasn't enough for the guy to get the big money. (it had been 2 years he wanted a long term deal. DOUBLE DIGIT SACK SEASONS!! CHINA!!)

Cause It's bullshit. And Now im gonna have some fun with how good John was, so you can fuck off

Say he never misses a game w/ Jets .. plays all 96 games. that's still an average of about 9 sacks a year. And thats still really good.. Like 2nd all time in Jet's history books for sacks.. (Ellis eventually passes him) .. in 6 seasons good.. SHIT!!

BUt lets get even more granular Granny.

Like we covered, he only plays in 73 games as a jet-- So about 4 and a half seasons.

53.5 sacks / 4.5.. Hes averaging like 12 sacks a season.

Now include the 19 forced fumbles - and the intangible value of what him on the field does for you..

..."is this supposed to be a depth chart review , or not??"

Technically speaking- during his time as a Jet, John Abraham was forcing a fumble once every 4 games.

Like imagine if we kept him and he's on those teams from 08-10... Him and Shaun Ellis in front of David Harris and Bart Scott... Then Revis, Cromartie, Jim Leonard, Kerry Rhodes...

In 2008, Abraham has ha career bests 16.5 sacks and 4 forced fumbled while still on the Falcons. Wouldve been nice to have him then, during that the 1-5 skidmark collapse.

Or in 2010 when Abraham has 13 sacks. Imagine having him during those 2 playoff runs..

So what else do we miss out on? How much more do the Jets shit the bed?

After the Jets do Johnny dirty with the 05 franchise tag for $6.7 million (crazy how much numbers have changed 15 yrs later) AND DONT SIGN HIM. Falcons trade and sign him for a 6yr $45million.

Less than 3 years later we sign Calvin Pace for 6 yr/ $42 million. And don't get me wrong - Calvin Pace is probably still setting th edge somewhere at this very moment. But that's all he was... a literal edge setting equivalent for an edge-setter signing.. And for 3 million short of "Dear" John Abraham??

Was he worth the risk?

Besides in 2006, where Being John MAbraham only plays 8 games (this is his first year with Atlanta, they mustve been freaking out) --- This is John's production in Atlanta for 6 more years:

(2007-2012). He misses only TWO games. What injury issue?

,.....Which is the beginning of our poetic justice for not paying the man.

So including the 2006 season when he misses half the season - John Abrahimovic tallies 68.5 and 25 forced fumbles during his time in Atlanta. Accumulating 463 sack yards over that 7 year time span. And by the way, sack yards? We should be talking about those more often. So John Abraham goes to Atlanta and drags the opposing QB four and half football fields. He leaves as their franchise holder in sacks, 2nd in sack yards. which is now my new favorite stat.

He then goes on to Arizona for 2013 and 2014. After an 11.5 sack outing in 2013 , he retires due to injury during the next season.

Abraham ends his 15 yr career with 133.5 !!! sacks. 48 !!! Forced fumbles. So never mind the impressive 53.5 in 6 seasons, which is still 3rd best in Jets' history.... he goes ahead and rips 80 more sacks after leaving.

During his 15 years in the league, 8 were double digit sack

5/8 of those happening AFTER the Jets. 4 of those 8 happening AFTER he turned 30. 8/8 getting me hard!!!!

And He was always knocking on them knockers. He had two other seasons where he came up half a sack shy of the double ds .... Such an unsuspecting member of the DDs club. And i love me some sneaky shy DDs.

-- Also Unofficial official, only two other people have hit the DD club more - Reggie White hit the DD's 12 times. And Bruce Smith holds the record at 13 DD bras. . Thats a handful

Yeah. Crazy right? LT had 7 . Strahan - 7. Dont sleep on Abraham.

(Comment below if you find any other DD honorable mentionables , so i can properly update the boobks . I mean boobs. Books. )

Going back in time on our edge is like pressing a bruise. - maybe its the thought of all those DD seasons missed. Or the image of Johnny Appleseed getting his 100th sack wearing a Jets uniform and breaking team records..

No matter what - its a shame. Here was a home grown guy that would've been our sack leader by MILES. After breaking our top 3 in 6 seasons, he deserved to get paid.

Spotrac has him netting $70M over his 15 year career.

And with 133.5 total sacks, (13th all time). 47 forced fumbles - (3rd all time), 28 pass deflections, 148 tackles for loss- (8th of all time (AHEAD OF URLACHER) etc..

I'm glad he got paid. But god damn was he underappreciated / underrated.

And before we move on, I have to revisit one last strain of pain....

53.5 sacks in 6 years and the Jets dont pay him?!

INSTEAD we end up resigning Muhammed Wilkerson to a 5 year, $86M deal ....9 years later.... 9 years after deciding 53.5 sacks wasnt enough -- they go ahead and double down on Wilkerson and his 36 sacks..

And while Abraham goes on and crushes the world collecting 80 more sacks after his payday,

Wilkerson responds with 8 , EIGHT!! more sacks in his career. FUCKING EIGHT!!!!

And now this is where things get especially crazy...

After his 36 sack resume - Wilkerson got more money guaranteed from the Jets than Abraham did in the entirety of that first deal (6 year $45M deal) with Atlanta..And Abraham had 53.5 sack resume. (like i said hammering home that number) ((53.5)

Wanna know how much Wilkerson got guaranteed ?

$53.5 million.

You gotta think at some point this is some big fucking joke. That this stuff is all predetermined and I'm Truman. I mean this stuff writes itself. Then apparently waits like a reddit dd reveal video for legendary blogger Master Pio to uncover it.

I'm on the edge. And I've been on consistent edge for too many god damn years now.

So.....about that depth chart

Onto the upcoming season, the continued pain, and our 2020 opening day roster:

We're looking good!!!

Im kidding. Just Check the fuckin receipts:

The Jet's history with the edge/ OLB is pretty brutal. Like when they took Leonard Williams right before Vic Beasley in 2015. Or LAST YEAR, passed on Josh Allen for another interior defensive lineman, Quinnen Wiliams... (Josh Allen went on to record 10.5 sacks)

And the Jets have tried the 1st rounder approach with the Vernon Gholsten debacle, Quinton Coples. Theyve also tried the 3rd rounders: Jordan Jenkins, Lorenzo Mauldin, Jachari Polite.. now Zuniga.

But yes, we still have Jordan Jenkins. Or otherwise known as Calvin Pace 2.0. Joe Douglas was able to sign him to a prove yourself 1 year deal over the summer.. And that deal either speaks some truth for the rookie GM who was able to keep a guy on a 1 yr deal before as they hit free agency , ... OR it speaks to the severity of Jordan Jenkins / my Jets fan derangement.

Jenkins at 26 years old is a 3rd round pick out of Georgia in 2016. (behind lineback 1st round bust, Darron Lee -- ..everything hurts)

Jenkins has actually been a bright spot, getting better each year and finishing last season with a career high 8 sacks.

20.5 career sacks for a guy who wasn't expected to be a QB rusher is not bad. He's playing around 60% of defensive snaps - so at least out there trying making a difference.

And he was recently quoted saying how "fucking tired he is losing"..

Which concludes our 'preseason first Jet to say they tired of losing' raffle. I personally had Trevon Wesco as my pick

Anywys Him and DT Steve Mclendon are now the longest tenured Jets at 6 seasons. So yeah. Thats how bad the draftings been.

And lastly; I personally like the guy. Well I dont know him personally. BUt If i did, I bet I would.

Jenkins is a de facto holding down one side of Linebackers. And strangely enoug, with no CJ Mosley or Jamal Adams - it kinda makes him one of the leaders on defense.

The other sides a total mystery. Tarell Basham seemed to have won the spot over from Frankie Luvu last year. Both are in contract years -- and I have Basham getting the nod as Luvu gets waived before season begins.

6' 4, 266lb Basham was claimed off waivers after week 2 of last year and ended up in over 50% of the Jets' defensive snaps.

Although he only registered 2 sacks - he did "lead the team in QB Pressures (10)" ..whatever that means.

There's also Jabari Zuniga out of Florida. Whose the exact opposite (??) of the similar sounding, 3rd round bust outta Florida last year - Jachari Polite.

Zuniga was injured majority of his senior season. He did come back but did come back and play in the Orange bowl.. Over 4 years at Florida he had 18.5 sacks. But is more of a "technique", "disrupter" ,"may as well change his last name to Williams" type player.

At 6' 3 260 - he only lined up in college as a defensive End. Never once lined up at the 2 point. But the Jets reserve the LB spot for him - even if he ends up playing more up front. Im skeptical though. I've seen this fail so may times.. The in betweener , weird weight, no true home that doesnt cut it.. REally tough because he isn't known as a pass rusher.. but has to play on the end..

He's got the Jordan Jenkins vibe .. without the OLB experience. Gonna be a Caitlyn Jenner like transition if this pays off. Total transparency. Big time project.

BUT - we're looking good!!!

..Law of averages? Maybe Zuniga turns out not half bad? Bryce Hufflepuff , anyone?!?!


Keep an eye on the undrafted free agent outta Memphis. Bryce Huff.

The 6' 2 255 linebacker is a beast.. Dude looks and moves like a tank in the dark.

Hes sturdy. Hesdirty

And Check out the resilience. 3 huffs and and puffs till this guy mows you down.

It's like if Gregg Williams was to artificially inseminate Jonathon Vilma. Or the powderpuff girls, but its Gregg Williams - and he gets all his favorite traits into 1 linebacker.

Bryce Huff looks like the real deal and Its definitely not these videos that have me convinced.

Worth noting : Huff finished 4th in the nation last season with 64 QB pressures. And out of his 359 pass rushes he was in the 99th percentile with an 18% pressure rate --- which was 7th best in the nation...

Also worth noting: I have no idea what any of that actually means.

All I understand is this number: 16 .

That's the amount of sacks Bryce piled on during his last 2 seasons. And i'll take that.

He's a clear cut, pass rushing OLB. I love it.

So im all in. fuck it. He's getting the last spot.

**BEcause as much as I want the Jets to sign Clowney on a cheap midnight oil deal over Yannick.. neither are gonna happen. Ive read how little interested the Jets are in Clowney - but I dont buy it. If anything I think there's more interest in Clowney than Jag DE Yannick Ngakouke (37 sacks in 4 years) - .. i'm doubtful Joe parts with a 1st, 2nd or 3rd round pick for a guy putting up good numbers in a front 7 consisting of Calais Cambell, Josh Allen, Dante Fowler, Tevin Smith, Myles Jack... ultimately , it's a tough sell during a strange season.

Starting OLB

Jordan Jenkins, Terrell Basham, Zuniga, Bryce Huff

QB Pressures = fraudulent charges (except for Bryce Huff)


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